My songs

When I've got nothing better to do, I write a song or two. Sometimes I use other people's tunes, sometimes I use my own. Sometimes I'm very serious [On such occasions I have been known to produce more or less exact translations of the original lyrics], some times... Well, I guess I'm not then.

Essential! A modified version of this subsite including a special front page was included on the cover CD of Amiga Format issue 129 (november 1999). The link to my site is on a page with the heading "Essential Websites", so you can see this site is essential! Now go read it! ;)

As a kind of experiment I have decided to put some of my works on the web and see if I get any reactions from the common people. Run it up the flagpole and see who salutes it, as some people say. Right below this is a list of all (?) my English language songs to date. There may be more later, so leave a bookmark here and come back next week!

In cases where I have written a song to someone else's (generally known) tune, the original title is shown in [square brackets] after the link.

Going with the Florence and Blow the Sam down [Blow the man down]

  2K passing [Where have all the flowers gone?]
  A nameless song about one Jerry Lee Jameson
  Buran [Da doo ron ron]
  Butterfly Scherzo
  Cetacean Chant [Exodus]
  Why the chicken crossed the road... [Hompetitten]
  Home and deranged (!) [Home on the range]
  Some Elfquest songs
  Ghostbusters in N.Y. [Ghostriders in the sky]
  The Hero
  The Hound of the Baskervilles
  Huwuda and the Joe [Pinky and the Brain]
  Kamida looks up
  He's a Kodiak [Hit the road, Jack (!)]
  Maybe it's because I'm a launderer... [... Londoner!]
  An ancient legend
  My own version of "The Lion Sleeps Tonight"
  His Master's Voice
  Mole on the Ceiling [Grevling i taket]
  Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain
  Like a Penguin and a Polar Bear
  The Quick Brown Fox
  Rudy [Ruby don't take your love to town]
  Santa Claus is... [...coming to Town]
  Shenandoah [?]
  Silver Bullets [Rubber Bullets]
  Skunkie Songs [misc.]

  And one for Babylon 5 fans...

  The Ballad of Valen [Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Heart Club Band]

[I write songs in Norwegian too, but they're on a different list here.]

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