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"I'm not the man they think I am at home,
Oh, no no no!"
--- Elton John: Rocket Man

As the heading suggests, this is Mat Lotin's page. You may ask, who the hell is Mat Lotin?

The answer is, he is an avatar of mine. He can (and does in fact) have many different identities, but he will always keep his True Name, which is short for:

My Avatar That Lives On The InterNet.

Which of course raises a question: Where does my avatar live on the Internet? In the spring of 1998 there was at first only one answer but then things started happening pretty fast, and Mat now resides on two or three (two and a half?) different MUCKs (Multi User Character Kingdoms - well, that's what I've been told it stands for and I'll believe it until I hear a better explanation!) under four different identities. Some data follow... (Sorry, only a few pictures so far... And I've actually got a few more characters but they are new and less developed...)


Full name: Ragnar Fyri
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Born: 1957
Home: Asker, Norway (Europe) Height: 183 cm

This is the real me. It's not a character but it is one of my identities! I'm just including it to make sure noone (well noone who bothers with checking out this page anyway!) forgets the real me! Even though I have included (hopefully) informative URLs in all my pinfo fields, there are people (particularly muckers) who only know me as a character.
Anyway, if you are really curious you can find out more about the real me on my main site.

Click picture for more!


Species: Chihuahua
Gender: Male
Age: Young
Height: 1-2' depending on current stance
Puppet: mobile
Home: Storm Tower, FurryMUCK
Insight: On the rest of the Internet noone knows you're a dog!
Quote: "Señorita, I'm a dog of honour - pardon the oxymoron!"
Secret: The Mex thing is just a front, his family has been Norwegian for several generations. He does like his food "hot", though.
HHGTTG Classification: Mostly Harmless <G> \/\/\/\/
FM classification: yc+&gi&iC&h
BTW, the string of \/'s is Yip's personal emoticon: It stands for a wagging tail!
Now see if you can figure out this one! \../
No picture.


(He's dead, Jim!)


Full name: Huwuda Guest
Species: Dark coyote (part cyborg?)
Gender: Male
Age: Undetermined
Height: 2-5' depending on current stance
Puppets: 42, Waydya
Home: Canon's basement, Limbo

This character got wiped out with the MUCK he was on in early November 1998. After some serious (?) consideration I decided to bury him and start a new character on the new MUCK that replaced it.

So why am I still keeping him on this list? Well he was one of my characters once and shouldn't just be forgotten. Besides my new character (see below) is a kind of heir of his... ;P


Species: Lion
Gender: Male
Age: Young
Height: About 5'
Puppets: Kitzuka, Jabari_jr, Morphia
1) Common Room, FurryFaire
   ( and
2) Park Helix Apartments #301, SpinDizzy

Jabari is a bit of a nomad whose story is told more or less in full on the new history page, so I won't repeat it here. SpinDizzy is kind of his fourth home as a concept and his third as an actual character. Maybe he'll settle down now....

Waydya I

Species: Squirrel
Gender: Female (and cute too!)
Age: Young
Height: 4'2" or 1' (size shifter!)
Puppets: Lego_Fox, Lego_Vixen Mekota
Home: Waydya's Tree Home, SpinDizzy
Insight: You are what you eat; I'm nuts!

(This is the "heir" of Huwuda mentioned above. In her original incarnation she was his puppet; after the apocalypse I buried him and promoted her.)
(Okay so that picture isn't really her, it's just a photo I came across while surfing the web. Sue me. Or draw a better one... (The original was found at BTW))

Just her usu'l look

Waydya II

Species: Usul
Gender: Female (cuter still!!)
Age: Young
Height: 68 cm Weight: 85 lbs
Home:91113 Neopia Avenue, Neopia

Not a real species for a change, and not a MUCK character either. Neopets is a quite different kind of game, but similar enough that when I "adopted" a young female of a squirrel-like species I named her after one of my SpinDizzy characters!
(The height and weight were taken from the character info on the NP site. Don't know why they measure height in centimeters and weight in pounds...)
Neopets graphics © 2002 Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Usul... err, used with permission.

No, it's not a dinosaur!


Secrets: Everything!
So far everything has been clear. You've met (?) three active characters (plus one ex and a double of one) and are looking furward to meeting the last... Well, sorry to disappoint you but my fourth character is a kind of "mystery" nobody-knows-it's-me char who lives on one of the MUCKS above - quite close to my other character there in fact!
Hmmm... actually it shouldn't be so hard to guess which MUCK this character is on. It's still around so it couldn't have been Huwuda's neighbour. That leaves three places, and there's another clue somewhere on this site. And I'm not saying that just to make sure you peruse everyting! <G>

[This character has taken on a life of its own, with a separate website and everything. If you just came from that site looking for a "secret word", the word is "silly".]

A few notes about the links: The "stance" ones lead to a page explaining about biquads (as does this one). The "Description" ones lead to more detailed descriptions of the characters for those who can't be bothered to go and see them in person (In fact they're recorded directly from the different MUCKs!). The three links under each "Home" entry do different things. The first gives more details about where the character lives on the MUCK, the second leads to the MUCK's web page and if your system is set up correctly the third link should take you straight into the MUCK itself via Telnet. (I recommend a proper MUD client - AFAIK there are no dedicated MUCK clients (but Woof-It on Furry claimed to be working on one some time back) - but for a first visit Telnet will do.)

There used to be a couple of paragraphs here detailing how to reach my characters, but the page is getting long as it is, and nobody has used this info to contact me IC (In Character) this far, so I've put it on a separate page rather than just getting rid of it altogether..

More furry stuff

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Furry songs

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Various friends...

Uhm, I decided to move this section to a separate page too. It's getting a bit big mostly because I like to use picture links in this section...
(and the left section of this block was getting small in comparasion!) !

Outside views

I used to host this (MP3) file here on Tripod because the original seems to be gone from - at least I can't find it there.
Anyway that file is pretty neutral. I used to have links to some negative/hostile articles here, then I came across this site containing lots of articles etc. as well as links to the above and the files I had linked to from here plus a lot more. So I'm just including this one link now for anyone interested.

Inside views (and info)

Want to find out more about furries and MUCKs? Well, just do as the left button below suggests; run and find out!



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