The Tillamore Tales (3T)

The little animation to the left is supposed to be one artist's impression of one William Tillamore, whose name is sort of a pun in Norwegian. As you have probably guessed already, he is the star (as it were) of The Tillamore Tales.

The obvious question is, what is (are) The Tillamore Tales?
At the time being (April 2000), the answer is: Very little, just a handful of ideas. As for what it is supposed to become, the answer is a graphic adventure game.

The story started (As far as I am concerned) in late 93 when one Magnus Vestvoll advertised in a Norwegian Amiga magazine that he was looking for artists to create some graphics for a game project he and his friends were working on. I can't draw anything but my breath, but thought the project sounded interesting and sent him a note to ask if he needed playtesters or help with ideas (which I am pretty good at - well, better than art at least!). We spent the next couple of years discussing the game, and while he did some programming and his friends did some graphics (including the animation above), I kept coming up with ideas and taking over more and more of the plotting. (One of my first deeds was to change the hero's name from Edmund Eremite.) Then one fine day Magnus had to leave the project for personal reasons, and just before everything fell apart I got his permission to take the plot (which by then was 95% mine anyway) and see if I could assemble a new creative team.

And this is where I am today, looking for people to help me get the project back off the ground. What do I need? I'll tell you right after I insert another little graphic to break up the monotony.

Don't take this part too seriously, it is just a little collage I Frankensteined together from parts of different graphics Magnus had sent me. This is definitely not what the final game is supposed to be like!

(More graphics here..)

Look behind you?!

What this project needs:

No Amiga To Waste

The game project was sort of officially announced on NATW last year, and after a bit of experimenting I have even managed to include a link directly to the page about my idea. Have a look, and leave a comment while you're there...

That should be all for now. Until next time...