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(Tune: Ruby (don't take your love to town))

He wants to be a hunter
and he's really getting on,
but he becomes a punter
when he runs into a con.
He thinks he is a traitor to his species and his race -
But Ru-.....
- you still can join the chase!

Now Kell's domesticated
(Well, at least that's what they say)
and that they are related
is a fact as clear as day.
But still I think there is a point the two of them have missed,
so Ru-.....
- don't trust a scientist!

This needs an explanation that will probably be longer than the song, at least if you aren't familiar with the Kevin and Kell comic strip.
Assuming you just followed that link and spent some time familiarizing yourself with the world of K&K, I'll take it from there.
[This makes a number of references to particular strips. If anyone feels like providing the links, go ahead!]
Some years back, Kell went for a checkup and was surprised to learn that she was suffering from domestication - a condition which is not quite the same as the rather abstract concept in our world. Kell's domestication was more physical and, it was found out later, hereditary.
Needless to say (to those who know him anyway), Rudy did not take the news about his condition quite as well as his mother. Even though Lindesfarne's research showed the condition to be uncurable, she was eventually persuaded by family and friends (not the phone service) to "solve" his problems with a placebo "cure" (which was in fact a placebo placebo, if you know what I mean...) Rudy later figured out the truth, but that is irrelevant in this context because I wrote the song before that.
If somene had been a bit better at keeping archives around, this page would also have had one or two links to the original K&K mailing list archives where I made my debut with a small article about domestication, suggesting that it was actually less physical and more of a psychosomatic thing - hence the "at least that's what they say" line and the bits about the missed point and Rudy getting conned. (The scientist who's not to be trusted is of course (?) Linde... maybe I wrote the song after she "cured" him after all?)
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