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The Lion sleeps tonight II

(a kind of parody written mostly because I don't know the original words,
with a kind of loony introduction to be spoken before the song.)

"You have probably heard the story behind the song "The Lion Sleeps Tonight": That somewhere in Africa there is a tribe where the young men go lion hunting to prove their manhood, and before the hunt they sing a traditional song consisting mostly of the word "wommawey", which means something to the effect of (Try to say the following in one breath) "Now we are going lion hunting, and I hope we return safely - don't ask me why I'm going, after all I have a family to support and need to be part of this madness like I need a hole in my head, but there's tradition for you!" (pause for possible applause)
"The truth is that the anthropologists got their notes mixed up. It is the young women who go hunting to prove themselves worthy of having children, and if one of them should fail to pass the test, the medicine man will immediately perform a hysterectomy on her, and it is during this operation that the other women sing "A womb away, a womb away..."
"Well, anyway some European songwriter got inspired by this chant and wrote a song that does not go like this (because this is the parody, see?)"


In the jungle,
the great big jungle,
the lion sleeps tonight.
Don't disturb!
He may be perturbed,
that is not a pretty sight!

(Oo-ee.../womma-wey etc.)

By the waterhole
sleeps a buffalo
with a mighty thirst.
In the morning
when lines are forming
he's sure to be the first!


Jenny's hug
it could break your mug
'cause she is an elephant.
And she kisses
like noone's business -
try tell her that she can't!

(Chorus, add more verses yourself!)

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