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Kamida looks up

She is little and cute,
 and she looks like she's easy to frighten
She is helpful as well,
 and it's you she would like to enlighten

She's got this little habit as well
as all her friends on Furry can tell

When you've been here a while
 you will no longer find it so strange
that "Kamida looks up
 as the skies are beginning to change."

She looks up,
 she looks down again.
And she plays
 with a little friend.

It's just a little gesture, but the head wizard knows;
he's got hundreds of pictures of her in that pose!

When the system announces
 a database save is in range
then "Kamida looks up
 as the skies are beginning to change."

This needs a bit of explanation for the uninitiated. When I joined FurryMuck last century (!) it was running on a slow server that used to save the database four times a day. This took several minutes during which the whole MUCK was frozen. Different players reacted differently when a save was announced - some would just drop their connection and call it a day, others waited patiently for their characters to unfreeze and continue with whatever they were doing.
Kamida used to be in the last category. She would not just stay around, but more often than not she also got off a carefully timed pose right before the world froze: "Kamida looks up as the sky begins to change."
The reason I write in past tense is that after FM transfered to a faster server, saves are no longer noticeable so they are not even announced any more, and newcomers have no idea what a "Nebraska save" is. (It is what some people used to call a full save because it got announced with a message saying "In 20 minutes this system will have saved a database the size of Nebraska." Well, something like that anyway. And yes, it did take up to 20 minutes!)
Some things never change, though. Kamida is still small, cute and helpful to newbies...
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