© 1997 Ragnar Fyri. All rights reserved.

Ghostbusters in N.Y.

to the tune of "Ghost Riders in the Sky"

It's Spengler, Stantz and Venkman - and Zeddemore's here too
And if you're having ghost trouble they know just what to do
They know the what and how, but they care less about the why
Those Ghostbusters in N.Y.
  :/:Zapping the low - zapping the high
  Ghostbusters in N.Y.!:/:

When Gozer is arriving, and the Gate is kept by Zuul
it's right before ol' Venkman is about to lose his cool
But Spengler has the answer: "We must split up in two teams
and when I give the signal - we'll have to cross our beams!"
  Zapping the Go - zapping the Zer
  Ghostbusters here... and there!
  Zapping the low - zapping the high
  Ghostbusters in N.Y.!

If someone would like to contribute more verses to this (perhaps inspired by the second movie?) suggestions for rhymes on "zapping the high - zapping the low" are also welcome...

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