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Give me a break / Home and deranged

One day I was playing with the expression "give me a break" I came up with the text below which actually shows how easy it is to write a song some times. The verse took about 10-15 minutes, the "chorus" a little longer.
The tune is "Home on the range", but somewhere on the way I started thinking of it as "Home and deranged", which led to the second verse and unfinished chorus inspired by a movie classic I hope you have at least heard about...

Oh give me a break!
How long can it take
to write some new words for a song?
The tune is all done,
the composer is gone
and I've known all the rhymes all along!
  Right! Write me a song
  but make certain it isn't too long!
  I must know it by heart
  all the way from the start
  but I can't if the song is too long!

My name is N. Bates
I'm a master of fates
All those who have crossed me lie dead
But I've done no wrong
I've been going along
just obeying the voice in my head!
  Home, home and deranged!
  And the future is planned and arranged...

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