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(tune: Da doo ron ron)

"Somebody call a vet, quick! I'm seeing spots in front on my... oh. Hello, Buran!"

As I started writing this, Yip was still waiting (rather impatiently, I may add) to be admitted on FurryMUCK. We had tried registering on the web, which didn't work; and by email, which somehow lost its way like little sheep. As a last (?) resort we considered contacting some renowned (?) character or rather his/her player. I won't get into how we chose Buran, but while thinking about what to write, one of us started humming her name, and this is how this <ahem> "doggerel" got created.

A bit later - to be precise, on the 23/4 (or as he puts it, "Two! Three! Four!") - Yip got into FM without having to contact The Spotted One, but still keeps daydreaming about meeting her one day...

For the uninitiated, "page" is a MUCK command to contact anyone who's online wherever they are. And before someone starts reading too much into this: Buran is a snow leopard and about six or seven times bigger than Yip. When he says he just wants to be friends, people tend to believe him. ;) \/\/\/\/

I met her at the Corner of the digital Park
       "Buran!" (ran ran)
                          "Oh, Buran!" (ran)
I started to address her - then the modem went dark!
No Buran (ran ran), no Buran! (ran)
Sure - we'll meet again
but - I don't know when!
Will - she be my friend?
Will Buran (ran ran), will Buran (ran)?

(Interlude. Reconnect. Logon. Morph...)

And now I'm back again in the same old Park
Page Buran (ran-ran), page Buran (ran)!
My little bite's considerably less than my bark
Page Buran (ran-ran), page Buran (ran)!
[howl:] Noooo! She's gone off line!
Will - I ever find
future friend of mine:
Old Buran (ran ran), wise Buran (ran)?

(Long interlude)

I got myself a friend now who is white and black
It's Buran (ran ran), yes Buran (ran)!
She even condescends to let me ride on her back
Big Buran (ran ran), strong Buran (ran)!
Ooh - her fur's so nice!
I'm - in paradise!
(Hope - she ain't got lice...)
Oh Buran (ran ran), oh Buran (ran)!

"Thanks, your Furryship!"
"Are you comfy, Yip?"
Think - I'll have a kip
on Buran (ran)...(yawn)... on Bu...

(With a deep yawn Yip goes to sleep, leaving his
new friend to finish the song on her own.)

[For the information of those barbarians in the Far West: Kip is British for nap, which does not rhyme with Yip...]
Oh, and Buran's front page (link at top of page) has a picture flipper on it - reload a couple of times to see some great pictures of her. (Okay, so she's more than just white and black - I had to take some liberties to make it scan! \/\/\/)

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