Yip is a small demimorph Chihuahua male (looking like a cross between
a toon chi and a RL one, with slight emphasis on the latter),
currently standing on his (digitigrade) hind legs and leaning
nonchalantly against the nearest convenient surface. In this stance he
is about 2' tall (That's right, he's two feet on two feet!). He looks
a bit uncomfortable, suggesting that this is not his favourite
His jet black fur has been brushed until it shines (*please* do not 
fuzzle him!) and his everyday collar has been replaced with a family 
heirloom in polished silver that looks really stylish against his 
dark fur.
Song and Dance Cube
black ribbon [please look at discretely]
Button: Mention Taco Bell and you're dead! [lookat]

This description (the last paragraph at least) was made for the occasion (while I was waiting to get summoned in fact! I had meant to finish my preparations earlier but there had been some connection trouble the day before, and even when I was working on the wedding presents a couple of hours earlier (!) I had plenty of time to think because of the lag...). Compare with Yip's everyday bipedal desc elsewhere...