Your gaze falls upon the golden kitsune named Totem. He stands upright at
the average height of six feet, and his pelt is the stunning color of the purest
gold. When the sun strikes his golden pelt, it glimmers with the metallic
brilliance of this prescious metal. The tips of his ears are tufted, and radiate
with the color of highly polished silver. The ends of his paws, and feet are
also silver, giving him the appearance that he wears sterling socks, and gloves.
  You notice that Totem wears the white gi of a fur that practices shaolin
kempo, and wrapped around his waist is a second degree black belt. You look at
the golden fluff of his chest fur that sticks out of the karate suit, and your
eyes catch the glint of a chain made of pure silver. You look at the chain
closely, and see that there is a small talisman in the form of a gold phoenix
with wings outstretched attatched to it.
  Totem suddenly turns to look at you. You notice his four golden, and rather
fluffy tails lazily swishing behind him in long s-curves. You estimate that they
must be a bit over three feet long, and tipped bright silver. You shift your
gaze from his swishing tails to his face. You see the mischievous flame that
burns in his golden eyes, somewhat hidden behind long bangs. He gives you a
smirk as he fans his four golden tails behind him in a pose. He then snickers
softly, and goes back to what he was doing, which most likely was the act of
masterminding devious tricks on unsuspecting furs.
Gold Band
Gold Wedding Ring for Fira
Ky000te Kitsune Plushie(#115739LJ)
Bamboo Flute
Phoenix Talisman
Golden Phoenix Aura Sabre