Standing nearly 5 and a half feet tall is Sleet, the Drow/Wild Elf.  He looks
more like a Drow Elf; his Wild Elf heritage well hidden behind the long white
hair and dark skin. His face is thin, and brings about the idea that the rest of
his body must be trim.  His dark brown eyes show emotions and feelings that an
normal Elf would not normally be inclined to feel or comprehend, giving the idea
that he is more then waht he seems to be. His long white hair flows neatly down
to his upper back, kept well groomed.
  He is currently wearing a suit of White Dragon scale armor, complete with a
dragon head helm which he keeps in a magic bag o' holding which is attached to
his belt.  Although strong, the armor is very flexible and is much akin to the
free movements of leather armor, weapon, the Ice Sabre, in a sheath that is also
attached to his belt.  Around all of this, he wears an black hooded cloak to
keep the thieves away.
Ice Sabre