At first, a bit of a blurr in your field of vision, then he stops turning
around.  Your gaze meets that of this, to put it lightly, interesting creature.
 A bright, rusty red coat of fur covers most of him.  His pointed ears,
twitching from time to time, are tipped with a deep, dark black.  The fur on his
arms starts out as the rusty red at the shoulder, but as it runs down further on
his arms, it turns to a deep, dark red, then to the same pitch black colour as
his ears.  His hands, or paws as he refers to them are also covered in the
charcoal coloured fur, and are padded, as one might expect.  His fingers and
thumb are tipped with equally dark claws, not very spectacular, but, they're not
supposed to be.  His chest, and tummy are covered in a thick coat of creamy
white fur, which continues down to his waistline, where his cutoff jean shorts
cover him, seemingly a bit tight, but comfortable.  The white emerges down on
his thighs, with a little sort of a triangular fade to the rusty red.
The rust continues down to just below his knees, where, just as on the arms,
fades to the dark ebon, down to his feet.  His feet and toes, also padded, and
tipped with claws, although the ones on his feet seem a little bit more sharp,
than the ones on his paws.  His face is accented with a pointy muzzle, tipped
with a wet, black nose.  His lower jaw is covered in all white fur, while his
upper jaw, starting out white at the bottom, but after an inch or two, it
changes to the rusty red again, where it goes to cover the rest of his face.
 Black whiskers twitch just behind the nose and the eyes.  The eyes, a golden
amber colour, bright, and full of life, and enthusiasm, look at you.  They are
slitted, and seem to adjust quickly to the local light.  The truly interesting
thing about this creature, is that he has seemingly draconic wings sticking out
of his back.  They too, are also coloured in a dark ebon, but much darker than
any other part of him.  You look back to his face, and see a warm smile across
his muz
You look back to his face, and see a warm smile across his muzzle, as his head
is tilted, like he is studying you or something.  A twinkling glow in his eyes,
lasts for but a second, but tells you that there's something about this...
this... fox, that's different.  He turns away, keeping his head towards you,
still with a smile, or perhaps it's a grin, directed towards you.  It's then
that you get a good look at his tail.  It's as long as he is tall, somewhere
around five or six feet.  The red colour stands out very well against the wings,
as it's covered in it, from the base where it comes out of the hole in the
shorts, to about nearly the last foot, where it goes to a marshmallowy white.
 He turns around again, and waves to you, with a cutesy little closed-eye smile. :)
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