And here is the main part... what actually happened that day! This is Yip's log from arrival to departure - after a bit of editing...
The following has been edited out:

A pawful of typos have been corrected, another pawful has not. Hey, I wanted to get this finished today, okay? ;)
The log is of course from Yip's viewpoint, and he is alternately referred to as "Yip" and "you". Long lines have been split and indented like this:
This is a very
 long line

It got a bit weird at the end when the location was found to have invisible spoofing. If, fur example, someone had typed:
spoof Fira wants a divorce!
it would have appeared as
Fira wants a divorce!
Furtunately noone got that particular idea... ;) Just fur the records: Steve, Emily and particularly Nibbles and the Deepfox clones did not really appear, they were spoofed. ;) Oh, and one of Fira's poses is a spoof too. I know because... er... uh... (drops paint brush and curls up in corner) Hey, just read the log willya!

The time is 15:01:17, 12/16/98 FurryMUCK Standard Time.  (CST)

DonQuixote waves to Katie+
Katie snugs Greycloak!
Greycloak yerfs, "Glad you could make it from elsemuck, Katie."
Yip wags his tail.
Canuss ducks out for a sec to change into something more... normal.
DonQuixote waves to Yip
Canuss goes home.
Canuss has left.
Katie tail-wavies
You habla, "Hi everyfur!"
Ceres waves to Yip.:>
Katie says, "I've been waiting"
Venya_Bluefur hugs you!  You feel a bit flat then pop back into normal
DeepFox pose-hugs Yip! ;)
Venya_Bluefur growls, "Greetings, Yip!  Good to see you again."
You hug Venya_Bluefur!  The huge weasel wraps his fourteen feet of body and
 tail around you and returns the hug with a snake-like squeeze!
DeepFox barks softly, "How come you can hug Yip, Ven??"
DeepFox hugs you!  You feel a bit flat then pop back into normal shape.
DeepFox barks softly, "Ah!"
DeepFox barks softly, "Hi, Yip!"
Katie hopes she looks ok for the ceremony
You hug DeepFox!  DeepFox smiles and hugs you back!
DonQuixote nods to Katie :,
Venya_Bluefur growls, "You look fine, Katie."
Katie blushes as everyone looks at her
Yip nods. "Looks nice."
DeepFox nods!
Ceres smiles. "Dressed for the occasion." :>
Greycloak tries to find an official... as his primary one isn't around. :\
Seafox nods...
Venya_Bluefur growls, "I wish I had taken the time to make a 'suit', but I
 did not think I would be able to attend.  And I seldom wear clothing, in
 any case."
Totem has arrived.
You habla, "Well, just stay close to Katie, Ven. Everyone will be looking
 at her! ;)"
Deuce has arrived.
Yip wags his tail.
Greycloak hugs Totem!
Venya_Bluefur growls, "Who was going to officiate, Greycloak?"
Greycloak yerfs, "Heya, brother. :>"
Katie giggles and blushes a little
DonQuixote waves to Totem and Deuce :,
Deuce wavies hello to all }:>
Venya_Bluefur growls, "Greetings, Totem."
DeepFox waves
CanaWolf hugs DeepFox!  DeepFox smiles and hugs Ar'Yris Sironia back
Deuce curls up to watch everyfur }:>
Greycloak yerfs, "Psyra, but things came up."
CanaWolf hugs Venya_Bluefur!  The huge weasel wraps his fourteen feet of
 body and tail around Ar'Yris Sironia and returns the hug with a snake-like
Venya_Bluefur growls, "Greetings, Deuce."
Ceres waves to Deuce and Totem. :>
CanaWolf unidles, BTW. :)
CanaWolf hugs Greycloak!  Greycloak returns the hug, tailswishswishswishing
 and smiling warmly.
Totem hugs Greycloak!  Greycloak returns the hug, tailswishswishswishing
 and smiling warmly.
Venya_Bluefur growls, "Altarskunk and Baloo are asleep...I do not know any
 other priests."
Jeremiah takes a seat next to Deepfox...
Francisco has teleported in.
Francisco has arrived.
Venya_Bluefur hugs CanaWolf!  Cana hugs Venya_Bluefur back, mrring softly.
Totem smiles n waves. :)
DeepFox waves
Ceres waves to Francisco. :>
Greycloak yerfs, "We're asking around right now."
DeepFox paw is getting tired with all this waving!!
Tigris says, "would a wizzard work? :)"
Venya_Bluefur growls, "Greetings, Francisco."
Francisco waves to all, and bows to Greycloak.
Greycloak yerfs, "Yes, but none seem to be available."
You habla, "Well at least I wasn't late... "
DeepFox laffs
Deuce says, "If there's a lack of a priest, you could ask a Wizard to
 officiate, maybe."
Totem fuzzles Grey lightly. :)
Ceres pleasantly mrrs, "As we all know, the Wizards are capable of
 anything. ;>"
Katie says, "I guess I can't.. I've got a mage character but not a cleric
Venya_Bluefur growls, "And I am unfamiliar with these religions, is a pity that Altar is not available."
Yip nods.
Ceres hmms...
Deuce goes idle for several tens of minutes; priority interrupt from work.
Totem giggles.
Greycloak gets an official!
Seafox grins
DeepFox barks softly, "Yes??"
Tigris says, "Who?"
Greycloak yerfs, "Kagemushi"
Kyriana has arrived.
DeepFox hugs Kyriana!
Venya_Bluefur growls, "Hrm, do not know that fur...Greetings, Kyriana."
Totem raises his paw and closes his eye. A sprig of mistletoe appears in
 his paw. He holds it above his head and Katie's. The golden kitsune
 waggles his eyebrows and grins and Katie. :D
DonQuixote says, "Hi Kyriana :,"
Ceres waves to Kyriana. :>
Francisco sighs... why does it have to be a bug? :P
Seafox waves...
Venya_Bluefur growls, "Bug?"
Katie fuzzles Totem
Kyriana waves
Francisco says, "Kagemushi, I believe, is a cockroach."
Seafox hugs Kyriana!
DeepFox barks softly, "Ah."
Venya_Bluefur shrugs his foreshoulders.  "Does it matter?"
Tigris says, "Well get him here!"
You habla, "Wow, a Kafka wedding?"
Totem grins. "I get a fuzzle? No kiss?" O:)
Greycloak yerfs, "o.O"
Ceres pleasantly mrrs, "An official is an official. :>"
DeepFox nods
Greycloak yerfs, "La cucuracha?"
Francisco is not real keen on bugs =)
DonQuixote o/~ Creep the tragic cockroach, sang tenor with our group, his
 style derived from strep throat complicated by the croup...o/~
Kagemushi has arrived.
DonQuixote waves to Kagemushi
Yip wags his tail.
Venya_Bluefur growls, "Greetings, Kagemushi."
Tigris wavies
DeepFox waves
Francisco urfs ;9
Ceres waves to Kagemushi. :>
Kagemushi scurries in quickly, still buckling his armor.
Kagemushi looks for a hand up to the altar.
DonQuixote offers Kagemushi a hand up :,
Ceres lends Kagemushi a hand. :>
Yip would help but he's short too...
Venya_Bluefur pads forward and lowers his muzzle so that the tiny cockroach
 can ride on his shoulder, if desired.
Kagemushi jumps into the first of many hands that is offered to him.
Tigris says, "Umm, where is the bride?"
Kagemushi would like to know the same thing.
DonQuixote sets up a vidcam (IOW: Starting log now)
Greycloak yerfs, "She's in her room, you know it's bad luck to be seen
 before the wedding."
Kagemushi says, "um...this Is the wedding, though."
You habla, "She was in her room last I checked..."
Kagemushi clears his throat and stands up on the altar.
Ceres pleasantly mrrs, "Ah, Altar has connected."
Venya_Bluefur growls, "Yes, I noted that.  Should I ask if he is free?"
Greycloak yerfs, "It's worth a try..."
Kagemushi whews!  Off the hook!
Yip's logging too. (HD has 2 meg free, is that enough? ;))
Alpha_X-ray thinks let Kage do it.  He is, after all, here and willing
Venya_Bluefur growls, "As you wish, Alpha."
Tigris nods
Kagemushi glances nervously at his notes.  he grabbed the Bar Mitzvah notes
 by mistake, and is going to have to ad-lib.
Kyriana mindspeaks, "well, if he doesn't want to, then ask Altar"
Venya_Bluefur growls, "Altar is just checking his mail.  I doubt he has
 much time."
Kyriana smiles amusedly
Alpha_X-ray shakes her head.  "Not as I wish, as Kage, Fira an' Greycloak
 wish."  :)
Kagemushi clears his throat.  "Shall we begin?"
Kyriana umms, thinks so?
Ceres chuckles. "There's no time like present to find out." :>
DeepFox nods!
Tigris says, "I'd say we need the bride. That is useally how it works.:)"
Kyriana wonders if people are lagging, or busy with something
Yip's just watching...
Seafox is here, "I'm waiting quietly..."
Kyriana giggles at Tig. okok, 
Seafox will make his presence known after the wedding, as he usually does :)
DeepFox smiles
Kyriana hmms and goes to get her.  shy, eh?
CanaWolf is here..
Greycloak has disconnected.
Greycloak(one-tail) falls asleep.
DonQuixote appologizes for silence, was turning on CNN, they've gone to
 live coverage of Baghdad waiting to see if the US will launch anything..
Kyriana has left.
Kagemushi says, "Today we have gathered to witness a most solemn and joyous
 occasion:  the sharin of vows between Grecloak and.....oh, bugger."
DeepFox erfs?
Ceres eeps.
Fira has arrived.
Francisco hrms. "Not a good sign there."
Kagemushi waves a tiny handkerchief over Greycloak's face.  "It happens.
  The groom is often nervous..."
DeepFox thwaps his forehead
Ceres wonders if the wedding can still be held with an unconscious groom? :P
Tigris says, "Hurra! It's the bride!"
DeepFox barks softly, "Doh!"
Cathrine start's to giggle and covers her mouth.
Yip wags his tail.
Alpha_X-ray chitters, "Been done before, Ceres.  >:)"
Fira blushes and walks over
Kagemushi mops his brow.  "some smelling salts, please?"
Greycloak has connected.
Greycloak(one-tail) wakes up.
Francisco says, "Either that, or fetch a skunk. Oh, never mind :)"
Ceres ahs. "It worked, whaddyaknow." :>
Kagemushi speaks quickly.  "We are here to witness the sharing of vows
 between Greycloak"
Kagemushi fidgets, lost....."er...."
Yip stagewhispers, "Fira!"
Kagemushi ah's!  "Fira!"
Fira smiles and wonders if Grey is completely awake?
Kagemushi says, "Fira.  Yes, Fira.  As we all know, the taking of another
 in marriage is the most cherished of gifts, a promise to share one life,
 one being..."
Greycloak hands Gold Wedding Ring for Fira to Totem.
Fira hands Gold Band to Totem.
Kagemushi says, "It is in witness of this most solemn promise that we have
 come together today.  Greycloak and Fira, are you prepared to offer such a
 vow to one another, freely and of your own will?"
Fira nods
Greycloak smiles and nods to Kagemushi, looking proud.
Totem swishes his tail slowly and smiles warmly.
Kagemushi says, "Then before this altar and before those whom you have
 gathered here, speak those vows.  Greycloak, do you swear to be true and
 faithful to Fira, to remain by her side through sickness and health,
 through triumph and adversity, through times of joy and mourning, for as
 long as you will live?"
Greycloak nods. "I do."
Kagemushi says, "Fira, do you swear to be true and faithful to Greycloak,
 to remain by his side through sickness and health, through triumph and
 adversity, through times of joy and mourning, for as long as you will
Fira smiles softly. "I do."
Kagemushi nods.  "Yoshi.  Ringbearer, kindly hand the first ring to me."
Alpha_X-ray is enveloped in a sparkling glow as a space/time rift envelops
 her and she winks out of sight.
Alpha_X-ray has left.
Greycloak beams, looking over at Fira. :>
Totem smiles and hands the first ring to Kagemushi.
Nemet has arrived.
Totem hands Gold Band to Kagemushi.
Totem smiles warmly and very proudly as his tails swish behind him slowly.
Jamie_Wolf has arrived.
Kagemushi erfs and strains under the comparative weight of the ring.
 "Fira, this ring is an enduring symbol of...oof...the promise you have
 made today.  It is cast in a circle, unbroken, symbolizing...erk....the
 continuing nature of that promise.  Will you wear it always, in
 rememberance of your vow?"
Jag has teleported in.
Jag has arrived.
Totem hands Gold Wedding Ring for Fira to Kagemushi.
Fira grins widely at him, then nods.  Yes.
Kagemushi hands Gold Wedding Ring for Fira to Fira.
Kagemushi takes a few deep breaths.  "Then allow Greycloak to place this
 ring upon your finger....."
Greycloak tailswishes a bit...
Fira hands the ring to Grey
Fira hands Gold Wedding Ring for Fira to Greycloak.
Fever has teleported in.
Fever has arrived.
Totem holds the second band in his paw.
Deuce de-idles.
Greycloak smiles, taking Fira's slender paw in his own, he takes the ring
 and slips it onto her finger. A perfect fit! :>
Greycloak hands Gold Wedding Ring for Fira to Fira.
Totem smiles. :o)
Kagemushi says, "Now kindly give me the other ring....."
DeepFox sniffles
Totem hands the second ring to Kagemushi with a smile. :)
Totem hands Gold Band to Kagemushi.
Ceres watches, smiling benevolently.
Venya_Bluefur surreptitiously pads for the entrance.
Kagemushi groans under the weight of the much heavier ring.  He staggers a
 little and nods to Totem.  "er...domo," he wheezes.
Venya_Bluefur has left.
Nemet smiles, an ear twitching a bit
Fira grins
Totem chuckles softly,  "Do itashimashite."
Kagemushi says, "Greycloak...urf...this ring is an enduring symbol of the
 promise you have made today.  It is cast in a circle, unbroken,
 symbolizing the.......continuing nature of that promise.  Will you wear it
 always, in rememberance of your vow?""
Greycloak yerfs, "I swear.     ."
Sleet has arrived.
Kagemushi staggers closer to Fira and gives her the ring.  "Place it upon
 his finger," he pants, moving a hand painfully to his back.
Fira smiles at Kage, then turns to Grey, gently taking his paw and slipping
 the ring smootly on
Greycloak smiles, eyes sparkling as he watches Fira put the ring on.
Kagemushi says, "The vows have been sworn, before this altar and this
 assemblage.  If any here can attest to why this bond should not be made,
 speak now."
Kagemushi says, "Let it be known then that these two are forever one.  As
 husband and wife, now embrace, and greet this assemblage as a single
Greycloak smiles and happily walks over to Fira and kisses the vixen deeply
 on her lips!
Fira hugs, returning it
Nemet stands, and starts clapping
Totem grins ear to ear and applauds loudly. *CLAP* *CLAP* *CLAP* *CLAP*
 *CLAP* *CLAP* =)
Yip wags his tail.
Francisco smiles, and applauds the happy couple =)
Ceres joins in the applause, grinning broadly.
DeepFox stands and joins the applause!
DonQuixote applauds :)
Greycloak snuggles, whispering something into Fira's ear, you think you
 know what...
Fever applaudes too, tailswishing happily. :)
Tigris applauds
Sleet smiles foxishly. ^_^
Jag grins.
Jeremiah applauds and snugs some furs.
Fira grins
CanaWolf applauds.
Seafox grins, and applauds...
Yip appears to be applauding too but can't be heard over the others!
CanaWolf smiles at the couple.
Cathrine claps and smiles
Jamie_Wolf claps quietly, smiling.
Greycloak smiles and addresses you all. "Thanks for all coming, despite the
 delays. You're welcome to stay for refreshments if you like.
Francisco says, "Thank you, however - RL is calling :P"
Fira hmms and looks around...many girls?
DeepFox smiles and shouts, "Speech!"
Totem smiles.
Cathrine is one.
Francisco makes his excuses, and takes his leave - wishing the bride and
 groom well.
Francisco is enveloped in a sparkling glow as a space/time rift envelops
 him and he winks out of sight.
Francisco has left.
Sleet says, "I can be. ^_^"
Fever is sorta like a female. ;>
Kagemushi bows politely.  "Shitsurei shimasu," he says, and disappears into
 the shadows.
Kagemushi has left.
Deuce must scoot due to impending doom IRL. "Ttyl, all }:>"
Deuce is enveloped in a sparkling glow as a space/time rift envelops him
 and he winks out of sight.
Deuce has left.
Fira waves
Fira misses
DonQuixote snugs Fira!
Tigris goes home.
>> Tigris explodes into a column of fire and is gone.
Tigris has left.
Sleet idly plays with Fever's tails.
DonQuixote snugs Greycloak!
Greycloak yerfs, "Today, I'm the happiest fox around, because Fira is the
 most beautiful  creature that ever graced this muck. I can only say I'm
 blessed... :>"
Yip walks up to the couple. "I, er, made you something..." he says shyly.
Seafox hugs both Fira and Greycloak, "Congratualtions!"
Jag hugs Greycloak!
Jag hugs Fira!
Jeremiah hugs the bride and groom, then pouncesnugs Deep and makes a run
 for the door! "RL calls! Congrats!"
Fira hugs everyfur in room
Yip hands Fira's fox ring to Fira.
Fira smiles curiously
Yip hands Greycloak's fox ring to Greycloak.
Jamie_Wolf smiles. "Congratulations", and hugs Fira back.
Jeremiah teleports away.
Jeremiah has left.
You hug Fira!
Ceres hugs Fira!
Fira hugs you!  You feel a bit flat then pop back into normal shape.
Totem hugs Greycloak!  Greycloak returns the hug, tailswishswishswishing
 and smiling warmly.
You hug Greycloak!  Greycloak returns the hug, tailswishswishswishing and
 smiling warmly.
CanaWolf smiles, "Congrats, you two. :)"
Totem hugs Fira!
Ceres hugs Greycloak!  Greycloak returns the hug, tailswishswishswishing
 and smiling warmly.
Yip does the ain't I cute thing.
DeepFox wanders over to the happy couple anh hugs `em both at once!
Fever grabs Sleet in her tails and walks over to her brother and
 sister-in-law and hugs 'em nice n' tight. "Congrats." :)
Greycloak giggles and gets hugged from all sides. :>
CanaWolf gives Grey and Fira hugs.
Fira giggles
Fira ooos atta ring and tries it out
Fira grasps Greycloak's paw tenderly. They smile at each other, apparently
 sharing some private joke.
Fira blinks and grins
Greycloak oooos, I like dat ring, Yip. ;D
Nemet smiles, and just gets a bit of something to drink, settling down
 somewhere, to relax and watch everything :)
Cathrine waves and smiles "Take caer both of you.
Fira waves
Cathrine has left.
Greycloak smiles, walking over to the catering table for something... ;>
Sleet erfs and struggles with tails. *@.@*
You habla, "Try yours Grey, it should work the same way..."
Fira grins.  neat!  not sure which finger to wear one
The Silver Kitsune produces A big piece of wedding cake from thin air!
Jag hops away and waves, "Congrats, foxies." :)
Totem ohs.
Jag is enveloped in a sparkling glow as a space/time rift envelops her and
 she winks out of sight.
Jag has left.
Fira laughs at Grey and uh-ohs!  knows what he's gonna do
Totem says, "NEws flash. IRL."
Fira hides behind Totem
Ceres ohdears. :>
Fira grins
Fever oos and gawks atta cake.
Totem says, "US forces have started bombing Iraq. :\"
Greycloak giggles and tries to feed the wedding cake to Fira, smooshing it
 all over her face!
Jamie_Wolf errfs.
DonQuixote nods to Totem, was about to mention it himself
Fira gigglemeeps and steps back!
Fever giggles!
Fira erfs
Fever eeps..
Seafox erfs, "Not good..."
Fira playgrowls.  where's the rest of it?  :>
Sleet squirms within the tails, "help?"
Greycloak licks a little offa Fira's muzzle. ^.^
DonQuixote says, "CNN has live coverage with their night-vision cameras in
 Baghdad...looks kinda like Star Wars with all the creen blasts going
 off...except SW has better SFX.."
CanaWolf erfs..
Jamie_Wolf helps Sleet with a paw.

The time is 16:02:40, 12/16/98 FurryMUCK Standard Time.  (CST)

Fira produces another big piece of wedding cake
DeepFox barks softly, "Typical Americans...such bad timing..*ducks*"
Fever ohs and looks behind her, "Oops, forgot you were there." :)
Greycloak uhohs, and tries to tailblock. :>
Sleet prods Fever.
Fira chuckles at Deep
Fever untangles her tails from Sleet.
Seafox erf?s at Deep..
Sleet coughs and ers! *@.@*
Nemet nods to that...
Seafox fluffs DeepFox!
CanaWolf AHEMS!
Seafox grins
CanaWolf generates an electrostatic discharge and fluffs DeepFox!
Sleet pokepokes Fever, "I'll get you back someday. ^_~"
DeepFox erfs and laffs!
Greycloak tries to run for the bathroom!
Fever snickers.
Fira intertwines the tails with her own and moves them, then gives Grey the
 cake, smooshing it 'accidentaly'
Nemet perks an ear or two...
Fira giggles and smiles at the rest of the furs, somewhat cakily  :>
Ceres is on standby with a coffin-sized magnum box of Kleenex. If anyone
 wants some. :>
Lynx shouts "I've had to restart the watchfor program again.  You may see
 your watchfor list reconnecting.  This is not a problem-- this is just the
 watchfor program coming back on-line again."  (Wiz-shout)
Greycloak aaas, giggling at her. ;P :)
Jamie_Wolf grins.
DeepFox sniffles a bit and drags out a tissue
Sleet smiles foxishly. ^_^
Yip eeps at the shout. He's got a pretty long wf...
Jamie_Wolf snugs DeepFox.
Fira grins and takes some from Ceres, wiping her muzzle free of cake
Ceres gives DeepFox a curtain-sized tissue. "Here." :>
Fira grins
Greycloak giggles and gets a couple of napkins for himself from the
 catering table.
CanaWolf snugs DeepFox! DeepFox grins and snugs Ar'Yris Sironia back with a
DeepFox grins and goes to get some cake....
Fira walks over and gets a napkin too.  foldfoldfolds it, then holds it up.
 look, a foxie head!  :>
Nemet yays!
The Silly English Fox produces yet another bit of wedding cake from thin air!
Jamie_Wolf grins at Fira.
Greycloak opens a bottle of champagne with a loud POP! Fortunately, he
 misses any light fixtures.
Sleet idly bats at Fever's tails s'more. ^_^
DeepFox ducks a flying cork
Fira smiles
Fever turns around and *pounces* Sleet! "Yerf!  Can't seem to learn, can
Jamie_Wolf picks up the cork and disposes of it thoughtfully.
Nemet meeps, as his nosie gets bapped wif a flying cork! Whee! He holds it
 up, and pockets it, for a souvenir!
Fira picks up a glass or two, holding them to Grey to be filled
Sleet ERFS!
Greycloak pours Fira's glass and then his own.
Fira chuckles, wonders what was spoofed?
Oh, yeah! No spoof #recent...heheh! ;)
Kinda confusing...
Spoofer grins.
Fira giggles
Greycloak smiles and drinks out of Fira's glass as she drinks out of his.
Fira smiles amusedly at Mr. Spoofer
Yip blinks.
Fira poses for the camera and tilts her glass
Sleet tickles Fever!
DeepFox gets his camera ready...
DonQuixote notes to anyone that cares about it (sorry to break in with RL)
 White House just released a statement that yes, the US forces have
 launched a 'major strike' expected to last 2 or 3 days starting with
 cruise missles, then airplanes and more missles, and then raids
Ceres makes happy foxsounds! :>
Spoofer bows, and says to Fira and Greycloak, "Contratulations", swishing
 his wolfy-tail slowly.
Greycloak eeps as Fira spills champaigne on him! Silly! ;P
DeepFox sets up the tripod and aims...
Fever eeps and tickles Sleet back!
Sleet says, "INCOMING! ^_~"
DeepFox barks softly, "Pose for da camera!"
Sleet squirms! *@.@*
Fira grins
Sleet batbats at Fever's tickling fingers!
Fever tickletickletickles mercilessly!
Seafox laston firestorm
Seafox erks
DeepFox barks softly, " a bit...back a bit...."
Jamie_Wolf scritches both of the foxies.
Sleet squirms and wiggles, laughing! *@.@*
Greycloak smirks and shakes up the champaigne bottle, then sprays Fira,
 finger on the bottle. :>
Fira chuckles at Sleet and Fever, still holding the glass
Sleet erfs. *@.@*
Fira meeps!  you got that on camera?!
Fira :D
Fever mms, champaigne shower..
Fira erfs
Greycloak smiles happily, and kisses his champaigne tasting bride. :>
Sleet grabs a glass of Champaigne and pour it on Fever! *@.@*
Fira smiles amusedly
Fira grins and threatens to shake  :>
Nemet smiles
Fira licks and wipes champaigne off
DonQuixote takes a picture of Deep taking pictures :,
Ceres grins. "It's all been immortalized on pictures now." :>
Greycloak yerfs, "Sorry, all, I have to run to work, I promised them I'd be
 back this afternoon. I'll be back in thirty minutes."
Jamie_Wolf grins.
DonQuixote still has the vidcam (logfile) rolling
Jamie_Wolf fuzzles Donquixote!!
Fira hmmms, wonders how much time she has...
Sleet can't wave goodbye now.. being tickled. Sorry. ^_~
DeepFox takes a picture of Don taking a picture of him taking a picture!
Seafox waves...
Yip grabs one of Sleet's paws and waves it!
DeepFox hugs Greycloak!  Greycloak returns the hug, tailswishswishswishing
 and smiling warmly.
Fira grins
Seafox hugs Greycloak!  Greycloak returns the hug, tailswishswishswishing
 and smiling warmly.
Ceres pictures all of this happening! :>
Greycloak hugs DeepFox!  DeepFox smiles and hugs The Silver Kitsune back
Greycloak hugs Seafox!
Sleet erfs at yip. *@.@*
Sleet tickles Fever in revenge! ^_~
Fira has some time, but needs to be home by 5 FT, and dad is happier if i
 get there earlier
The time is 16:17:08, 12/16/98 FurryMUCK Standard Time.  (CST)
Fever giggles, curling up in a foxball.
Sleet looks for a bag to stuff Fever into. ^_~
Fever o.o
Greycloak tail-intertwines with Fira, and kisses. :>
Ceres offers Sleet the coffin-sized Kleenex box. :>
Jamie_Wolf grins at Fever and Sleet.
Yip chuckles.
DeepFox smiles, "Congrats, Grey! See you soon, I hope.."
Fira giggles.  coffin-sized?  wheredja buy that?
Jamie_Wolf growls softly, "Aren't foxes so much fun together?"
Sleet opens up the coffin and stuff Fever into it. ^_^
CanaWolf snickers
Ceres grins. "I have my contacts." :)
Greycloak yerfs, "No coffins at weddings. ;P"
Greycloak smirkles. ;>
Nemet giggles, and scritches GC, "Silly!"
Nemet gives GC a hug, as well as Fira
Fever . o O ( But I'm not dead yet! )
Ceres pleasantly mrrs, "Well, it's not coffin-*shaped.* :>"
Yip coffs.
Fira grins
Fira hugs
Sleet pets Fever. ^_^
DeepFox is gonna have a ton of editing to do...logging manually...10 pages
Greycloak smooches Fira cutely. :> :> :>
Jamie_Wolf errfs, looking at his pager. "I gotta run... FurryNATO is under
Fira smiles.  thanks
DonQuixote says, "Bye Jamie"
Ceres waves to Jamie.
Fira purrbarks, "Zhai'helleva"
Jamie_Wolf waves bye to everyfur, politely says "Good bye and good luck" to
 the new couple, and heads for the door stealthily.
Jamie_Wolf has left.
Fever has disconnected.
Greycloak waggles tails. :>
Sleet bats at Greycloaks tails, now that Fever is asleep> ^_~
( Fever is down )
Ceres swishes his own tail from side to side.
Greycloak yerfs, "Thank you all again for coming, I'm sorry it was on short
 notice. :)"
DeepFox grins
DonQuixote says, "Thanks for inviting us, Grey :,"
Katie is happy she was invited
DeepFox nods, "A pleasure."
Greycloak acks! as he tail-locks Sleet. ;P
Seafox is too..
Fira wonders what the invites looked like?  never got to see  :>
Ceres smiles. "I'm glad to have been here, on this happy occasion. =)"
Sleet erfs!! *@.@*
Sleet says, "I really have to get more tails someday. ^_~"
Fever has connected.
Katie is still here to be looked at :P
Fever mrfs at aol.
Lee's Press-on Tails?
Sleet mrfs at Fever.
Fira lols
DeepFox grins and hmms....

DeepFox hmmms.....and concentrates all his mental energy....he is
 transformed into...a kyoooooooote, somewhat familiar, vixy!
Tall Tails...
DeepFox pounces Greycloak!
Fira grins and rolls her eyes
DeepFox kisses Greycloak!
Fira lols
Greycloak tosses Sleet to Fever.
Katie says, "but I too need to go for rl in a few"
Fira purrbarks, "hey!"
Greycloak yerfs, "GAh!"
Fira purrbarks, "my fox!"
Fever erfs? "What do I do with it?"
Greycloak yerfs, "Two Firas, I'm confuzzled..."
Seafox grins
Fira is the one in the fancy dress :>
Sleet erfs!!!! *@.@*
You habla, "Bigamist! " to Greycloak.
DeepFox rotfl
Fira playbaps Deep and hugs Grey
Greycloak yerfs, "Anyhow, I've stayed way too long, bye everyone! *bosses
 are gonna kill me!*"
Greycloak yerfs, "Be back in 30 minutes!"
Greycloak has disconnected.
Greycloak(one-tail) falls asleep.
Fever yerfs quietly, "Bye Greycloak."
Nemet heads off, "See you all!" and gives Fira another big hug, "Congrats
Nemet is enveloped in a sparkling glow as a space/time rift envelops him
 and he winks out of sight.
Nemet has left.
Fira hmmms, thinks she links the rings right
Sleet looks at Fever. *o.O*
Fira awws and fuzzles idle Totem
Fever wraps Sleet around her shoulders and neck, "Mmm, makes a nice scarf." ^.^
DeepFox erfs and returns from a malfunctioning Word
Ceres streeeetches... it's a bit late here in Europe..
DeepFox purrbarks, "Thankfully I  had just saved it to a Zip disk...erf!"
Sleet erfs! *@.@* I'm not a scarf! I'm a Fox! ^_^
DeepFox returns to his normal form......
Katie needs to go and wavies bye
Fira waves
You habla, "You're a pean too? Errr..."
Fever yerfs quietly, "Still alive.  Ahwell.. ;)"
Seafox waves...
Katie is enveloped in a sparkling glow as a space/time rift envelops her
 and she winks out of sight.
Katie has left.
Sleet tickles Fever s'more. ^_~
Fira nods....knows lotsa EuroFurs.  AmeriFurs too...
DeepFox smiles happily
Fira purrbarks, "and one AussieFur"
Fira grins
Ceres must be going too... he waves to the bride (and the now-unconscious
 groom), wishing them all the best. :> And may they live happily ever
 after! =)
Yip looks at Deep. Define 'normal'! 
DeepFox softly barks, "Hah! I know _two_ AussieFurs!"
Fira purrbarks, "Alpha, and who?"
Ceres hugs Fira!
DeepFox softly barks, "Relatively normal, then.!"
DeepFox softly barks, "Jaerod in an aussie...typical!"
DonQuixote knows 3 Aussies :,
DonQuixote says, "Ok, 4"
Fira ahhs
Ceres waves and must be on his way.
DonQuixote waves to Ceres
Fira only knows Alpha, and Jaerod, sorta
Ceres is enveloped in a sparkling glow as a space/time rift envelops him
 and he winks out of sight.
Ceres has left.
Fever eeps and dropsafox.
DeepFox softly barks, "You going to be able to make it to Jup`s wedding,
CanaWolf growls lightly, "Jamie_Wolf is Aussie, I think.."
Sleet erfs. *@.@* *thud*
Fira sighs and shakes her head.  not on christmas eve
DeepFox softly barks, "23rd, actually."
Seafox nods at Cana, "He is..."
DonQuixote nods, Jamie is, Cana
Fira is going to Long Island for the holidays
CanaWolf nods..
DeepFox erfs! Jup misses Fira`s wedding, and Fira misses Jup`s wedding!
You habla, "Will you be staying for Long? ;)"
Fira grins and walks over, kerfuzzling Yip
Fira nods and sighs.  a little over a week
DeepFox softly barks, "Then back, and then Canada!"
Fira was going to page everyfur about it today, didn't  :P :P
Fira nods at Deep
DonQuixote flips off the vidcam :,
Fira purrbarks, "but i'll still have access in Canada.  none in the Island"
DeepFox softly barks, "Oh?"
Yip nods. Guess we'll have to find somefur else to tease then... \/\/\/\/
Sleet swipes Fever.
DeepFox softly barks, "You'll still be about from montreal?"
Fever thbts.
Fira purrbarks, "some, yes.  not sure how easy it'll be to muck, but email
 me all ya want!"
Fira grins
DeepFox grins and prepares to spam!
Sleet braids Fever's tails.
Fever acks!
Fira grins
Seafox erfs and has to bolt...
Yip would start right now if he knew the address. ;P
Sleet grins foxishly. ^_^
Seafox hugs Fira!
Fira hugs Seafox!
Fira purrbarks, "  :>"
Seafox says with a growl, "Congratulations again..."
Seafox waves....
CanaWolf hugs Seafox!
Seafox snaps his fingers and disappears in a bright flash.
Seafox has left.
Yip makes a note.
DeepFox has started ;)
Fira grins
Sleet hands Fever over to Fira and sits somewhere quiet. ^_^
DeepFox eats a bit of yet another bit of wedding cake.
Fira blinks?  :>
Fever o.O
Fira still smells like cake and champaigne  :>
DeepFox blinks occasionally too...stops his eyes drying out ;)
DonQuixote appologizes for silence, watching CNN coverage of what has now
 been officially named "Operation Desert Fox"
Fira giggles at Deep
DeepFox erfs as he finally goes stark raving bonkers. About time too.
Fira hmmms?
DonQuixote, as a sidenote, approves their choice of names for the operation :,
Fira grins amusedly
Dessert fox? Yum :9
CanaWolf growls lightly, "Nope, that hasn't happened until you start
 watching Barney and Teletubbies, Deep. :)"
DeepFox has!!
Fira erks
DeepFox laffs
Fira is a dessert fox!
DeepFox rotfl
CanaWolf hmms, and gets Deep a straitjacket. :)
DeepFox softly barks, "Don`t bother...I already have one"
DeepFox laffs
Fira chuckles at Cana.  no use
Fira fuzzles Deep
CanaWolf growls lightly, "Ah, okies. :)"
CanaWolf fuzzles DeepFox!
DeepFox erfs as the theme music from Barney comes into his head...gee,
 thanks, Cana! 
Fira giggles.  fuzzle Deep!
Fira grrs atta Deep.  gee thank, now i have it!  :>
Totem has disconnected.
DeepFox laffs
Fira pushes it out, and loudly hums "All About Soul"  :>
o/~Barney is a dinosaur, from our imagination....o/~
Yip runs over to Deep and yips (!) into his ear to drive out the evil
CanaWolf generates an electrostatic discharge and fluffs DeepFox!
CanaWolf grin.
o/~We ate some mushrooms yesterday, must be a hallucination! ;) o/~
CanaWolf grins, too.
Fira grins
Fira hands Deep a brush
DeepFox grins and brushes his fur back into place
DeepFox thinks we should drop Barney on Iraq...but that probably is against
 the Geneva Convention...;)
Fira giggles helplessly
Yip helps Fira giggle.
CanaWolf shudders and nods, "Probably. ;)"
DeepFox softly barks, "Far too evil.."
Sleet winks at Fever. ^_~
CanaWolf growls lightly, "How about Teletubbies?"
Fira chuckles at Yip's sensa humor
DeepFox softly barks, "NOOO!"
Fira purrbarks, "both of 'em, Cana"
Again, again!
Fira hmmmms, send them to Deep's for x-mas!
Barney Teletubby!
Eh-oh! Eh-oh! Off to Deep's we go!
Fever blinkies?
DeepFox erfs!!!
Fira lols
DeepFox turns into a Teletubby! *bamf*
Sleet ffers fever a spot next to him. ^_~
ERF!  ARMAGEDDON IS UPON US!  The ultimate evil has shown it's face, and it
 is the Barney Teletubby!
DeepFox does flipping well _not_!!!
DeepFox hmphs!
DeepFox issa notta Teletubby!
DonQuixote says, "Semi-afk: Something's going on outside the White House"
Fever sits next to Sleet.
DeepFox smiles atta ws...
Fira grins.  noticed?
DeepFox smiles atta Fira!
DeepFox nods!
ws smiles back atta DeepFox
Fira giggles
CanaWolf shimmers, and assumes his normal form.
Sleet scritches fever's ears. ^_^
Yip looks around and eeps. He's outfoxed!
Fever foxpurrs. ^-.-^
DeepFox foxes Yip! Yip is made to yerf, erf and err...yip!!
Fira sighs...gotta get my furry butt off sometime...and just to let you
 know, sorry i didn't page all like i meant to, but i'm going away for
Sleet murrs. ^_^
DonQuixote hugs Fira!
DeepFox hugs Fira!
Fira wrinkles her nose....meant to let all know earlier, since i won't have
CanaWolf hugs Fira!
DeepFox looks around for nibbles....
Fira hugs them back
Nibbles has arrived.
The Silly English Fox produces nibbles from thin air!
DeepFox rotfl
DeepFox eats a bit of nibbles.
Fira smiles
DonQuixote says, "...and, an official car just caught fire outside the
 White reason is being given as to what caused it.."
Nibbles says, "You asked to see me, Deep?"
DeepFox softly barks, "Erf!"
DeepFox eats a bit of nibbles.
Nibbles is nibbled!
DeepFox eats a bit of nibbles, finishing it.
Nibbles says, "That's cannibalism!"
Fira raises an eyebrow, then forgets she doesn't have any, Deep stole them  ;D
Fira teases  :>  fuzzles Deep
DonQuixote says, "...and some of the idiot Republicans are yelling that
 this is a 'Wag The Dog' scenario being used simply to head off impeachment
 hearings :P"
Nibbles starts nibbling at DeepFox!
DeepFox softly barks, "No..I have your spares."
DeepFox hmms...makes a note to check on the progress of the army of Firas
 he is growing from her spare eyebrows....
Nibbles nibbles DeepFox's eyebrows. "Not any more... ;)!
Fira grins
Arise, Firas...arise....we will take over the world..mwahahahaha!!!
Nibbles plucks a couple of hairs from Deep's tail and starts cloning him.
Fira chuckles
DeepFox softly barks, "Ow!"
DeepFox2 has arrived.
DeepFox3 has arrived.
DeepFox softly barks, "erf?"
DeepFox4 has arrived.
DeepFox5 has arrived.
CanaWolf erfs?
CanaWolf shimmers and becomes transparent.
DeepFox erfs as his player falls over in hysteria..
Fira smiles
Fira watches as Emily tries to pry her fingers away from the keyboard
Steve has arrived
Yip's player makes a note to delete his spoof orders when editing the log. 
DonQuixote glues Emily's fingers to the keyboard :,
Steve collects all the DeepFox clones up and takes 'em all away...
Fira giggles
Steve has left
Emily 'heys!!! lemme go!!!'
HoloWolf materializes, transparent, in the room.  A moment later, his
 forcefield shimmers and assumes it's previous state.  He looks around for
 a moment, before nodding in greeting.
HoloWolf has arrived.
DonQuixote hugs HoloWolf!
CanaWolf needs to head head out forra bit. "Take care. :)"
o/~ See emily play o/~
DonQuixote says, "Hi Holo :,"
CanaWolf hugs DeepFox!  DeepFox smiles and hugs Ar'Yris Sironia back
DonQuixote hugs CanaWolf!  Cana hugs  The fur of La Mancha back, mrring
CanaWolf hugs DonQuixote!   Don grins and hugs Ar'Yris Sironia back
DonQuixote says, "Bye Cana"
CanaWolf hugs Fira!
Steve returns, pounces Emily and *RUUUUUNS!*
Fira does too, but is having trouble doing so  :>
CanaWolf hugs you!  You feel a bit flat then pop back into normal shape.
CanaWolf becomes transparent for a moment as he initiates a site-to-site
 transport.  The transparent wolf immediately dematerializes.
CanaWolf has left.
Steve winders how the hell he managed to cross the Atlantic so quick....
Winders 98?
Fira watches as Emily gets so startled, she jumps back, her fingers ripping
 away from the keyboard
Fira purrbarks, "ouch....gotta hurt"
Fira :>
Steve winces
Yip \../
Sleet cuddles Fever gently. ^_^
Fever tailsnuggles Sleet. :)
DonQuixote says, "Good thing we also duct taped Fira's player to her chair,
 eh Deep? :,"
Steve imitates Emily`s voice and shouts, "Hey!"..Emily is promptly kicked
 out of the library..;)
A new day has arrived. (In Central Europe at least)
Fira sighs.  why am i always doing this?  staying too long, then i late
Fira grins
Fira blinks.  kicked out, duct taped to a chair?
chair an' all!
Fira get pulled along with her.  byyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeee!
DeepFox snugs Fira!
DonQuixote hugs Fira!
HoloWolf snugs Fira!
DeepFox softly barks, "Diiiiittooooo!"
DonQuixote says, "Catch you later, Fira"
Fira snugs!!!!
Fira adds more '!'s  :>
Yip summons the Good Witch of the North, who puts ruby slippers on the
 sleepers' feet and sends them home in a shower of magical sparks.
Totem is sent home.
Totem has left.
1 player sent home.
DonQuixote appologizes for silence, Clinton's giving a live statement on
DeepFox softly barks, "See you, Fira...we'll all just stay here and wreck
 the place..;)"
Fira chuckles
Fira hugs Grey, then dozes off
Fira has disconnected.
DeepFox smiles
DeepFox softly barks, "And then there were three...."
DonQuixote says, "5"
DonQuixote says, "6"
DeepFox softly barks, "Huh?"
DeepFox softly barks, "Oh, yeah. Doh!"
DonQuixote says, "Sleet and Fever are idle, you Yip and myself are here,
 and Holo is here"
Yip makes it three active, two idling and two sleepers...
Fever poweridles!
You habla, "and one zombie."
DeepFox softly barks, "Okay. And then there were three active, two idling
 and two sleepers."
DeepFox typo-fevers!
DonQuixote says, "Erf, brb"
DonQuixote has disconnected.
DeepFox erfs! His wf is on 2!!
DonQuixote has connected
Sleet licks Fever's nose.
DonQuixote says, "Erf! Sorry!"
Fever giggles and nosebumps Sleet.
HoloWolf wuffs.
## Game will pause to save changed objects in two minutes. ##
DonQuixote has connected.
Yip yips. (!)
DonQuixote gnarfles :,
DonQuixote re-hugs
You habla, "Ah, a save... Guess I'll be on my way then, it's getting late
 over here. Anyone still logging? ;)"
DonQuixote says, "Erf?"
Yip wags his tail.
The rich old lady comes along and carries you off, impressing everyone in
 the room.

mobile> Yip slowly materializes in front of your very eyes, then drops to
 the floor with a little surprised yelp. Caramba! Forgot to adjust for
 altitude again!

Cutest little Doghouse West of the Park

This is Yip Chihuahua's place. That explains the low ceiling. 
A small room for a small dog with small needs. The furnishing is
spartan to say the least. A small locker for a little dog's most
personal possessions is all. The floor is covered from wall to wall
with a thick white soft carpet that looks like it would be very
comfortable for a small dog with small needs to sleep on.
Even the walls are sparsely adorned. On the wall to your left you can
see a simple arrangement of what looks like [family portraits], on the
wall right ahead you see nothing but a simple [chart], and on the 
wall to your right is only what appears to be a framed [cartoon].
The quiet little room lies in semi-darkness, and you would have to
step closer to either wall to take a closer look at the objects there.
[Objects named in square  brackets - like this sentence - are
Obvious Exits:
  LDR  dog  fox  out
Yip yawns, walks around himself three times and collapses gracefully.

Come back later!

And so the little dog went home, changed into his sleep morph and disconnected...