Jamie Wolf reeks of casualness. Jamie has a wild look to his eyes, a reminder 
of his long-past childhood, and he grins to you in a friendly but mischeivous 
way. He is a grey anthro Wolf, looking to be aged around 16 years old. 
Standing 6'4" on his strong plantigrade legs, he slowly sweeps his tail from 
side to side. His grey fur runs smoothly across his entire body, with white 
fur around his eyes, along his muzzle, and down his neck and chest. His feet 
are encased in large black hi-tops, while his legs have a pair of black jeans 
adorning them with a hole for his tail to slip through. He wears a white T-
shirt with a "Clan Wolf" logo on the left-breast (obviously a BattleTech 
reference), with his white chest-fur ruffling through its neck. A brown 
jacket with a pair of black Oakleys hanging from the breast-pocket covers his 
shoulders, back, and arms.
Bullet with Jamie's name on it. (lookat)
2-way radio
BUTTON: Winner of Most Insane Award on the Net: awarded by Selane