Standing at about 5'7" is an anthropomorphic feline, or more specifically, a
jaguarundi. She's rather otter-like in appearance, slender in build, with a
slight 'hourglass' figure. Her short fur is a reddish-brown color, except for
the tan fur around her eyes and muzzle, forming a mask, and continuing down her
pronounced but not overly large chest. Two smallish ears poke out of her long
unkempt headfur, one with a gold earring dangling from it, her long bangs taking
on the spikey anime look. You are eventually drawn to her eyes (when her bangs
aren't in the way), which are a bright yellow with violet irises. 
  She's wearing a blue spiked collar around her neck, with a silver tag hanging
from it. She's dressed in her usual tomboyish outfit; a loose green flannel is
draped over a white T-shirt with a black and white yin-yang on it, snug against
her shapely figure. It's tucked into her long and somewhat baggy blue jeans,
which are held up by a black leather belt. Her pantlegs hang over her feet,
which are clad in a pair of leather sandals.  Poking out of her jeans is her
long feline tail, always swishing behind her.  She looks over at you and smiles,
waving a paw in greeting.
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