And here are the ones who could make it (and did). I did a WS right after I arrived and several times during the session, then combined all the lists into one that was alphabetized to remove the duplicate entries and headings. Links (once I get around to adding them) lead to descriptions of the characters I had the presence of mind to look at during the ceremony. (Some had modified their descriptions for the occasion, others had not.)

Alpha_X-ray            female     Otter
     Doing: Prolly giggling and snuggling a friend.
CanaWolf               male       Holowolf  (anthro)
     Doing: Existing...
Cathrine               Female     Leopard, Anthromorphic.
Ceres                  Male       Morphic black fox
DeepFox                female     Anthro Red Fox
DeepFox                male       Anthro Red Fox
Deuce                  male       house cat
DonQuixote             male       grey wolf
     Doing: Attempting to update the old maps of FM
Fever                  Female     Fire Kitsune
Fira                   female     special vixy
     Doing: whatever her little heart desires!
Francisco              male       Gray fox kitsune
     Doing: Crazy kitsune things =)
Greycloak              Male       Silver Kitsune (Three-Tailed)
Jag                    Female     Jaguarundi
     Doing: The time for Yiff is now!
Jamie_Wolf             male       Wolf
Jeremiah               male       Arctic fox
Kagemushi              male       cockroach, and more
     Doing: None of your business, really.
Katie                  female     raccoon
Nemet                  Male       Winged Fox
Seafox                 male       Red Morphic Fox
     Doing: Causing mischief...
Sleet                  male       Arctic Fox
Tigris                 male       Siberian Tiger
Totem                  Male       Golden Kitsune (Four-Tailed)
Venya_Bluefur          male       big six-legged weasel thingy
     Doing: Whatever is necessary.
Yip                    male       *tiny* Chihuahua (bipedal).
     Doing: Having the time of his life. Or the life of his time. Whatever. 
[Greycloak(one-tail)]  [Male]     Silver Kitsune (One-Tailed) | Greycloak
[HoloWolf]             [male]     Holowolf symbiont | CanaWolf
[Kyriana]              [female]   minature Golden Dragoness | Fira