Greycloak's Foxhole(#129849RLJAZ)
Greycloak's place has been completely redecorated for the occassion, and now
seems to hold an aire of solemness. Glowing along in the wall in translucent
holders are hundreds of small candles, giving a soft glow to the burrow. The
room has also been laced with white tassles, which hang along the walls like
collected snow. The windows remain uncovered, showing the bright blue sky
outside. Overhead, you can see the ceiling portait of FurryMUCK, clear as ever,
standing over you like a cathedral basilica. The bookcases have been removed,
and in their place sits vases of gorgeous roses, which fixate your eyes with
their delicate crimson/wine textures. A red carpet lies across the floor leading
to the fireplace, the McFauxe tartan hanging proud as ever.
Obvious Exits:
  (Go) to Tigris's Room  Tunnel to (F)ira's Place
  (T)he_Stranger's Bounty Hunter Office  (B)en's Room  (O)utside