Smiling happily, Fira is beautifully dressed in white for her special day.  The
dress hugs her torso and waist, then flows out down to her ankles and is long-
sleeved, the sleeves hugging her arms tightly.  The top is fairly low cut, her
slender neck and shoulders bared as the neckline scoops low in the front and
back, ending by the curve of her shoulders where the sleeves begin.  Her neck
is accentuated by a tight string of pearls, contrasting with her red and
white fur.  In her black paws, she holds a small bouquet, and her long auburn
headfur flows in loose waves and curls behind her shoulders, decorated with a 
rose entertwined in the fur near her ear.  Having digitigrade feet, she needs
no shoes and walks barefoot, her long train flowing behind her as she walks
around, blue eyes shining.
Gold Band
Rose of Dawn
silver dolphin ring
Engagement Ring for Fira
Box of Gourmet Jelly Beans