You look at Fever. She appears to be a young anthropomorphic fox around her
late teens/early twenties, standing at about five and a half feet tall. Her fur
is a firey-orange, save the white strip that runs from her slender muzzle down
to her chest and belly, and her black-tipped ears and black paws. A few long,
spikey black bangs hang down between her large ears, which often obscure her
anime-esque blue eyes. Her left ear has a small nick in it, and two earrings
(one silver and one gold) hang from both of them.
  Fever's got a hint of that trademarked 'hourglass' figure of vixens, of
course. Slender and shapely, but not overly busty like some. She's currently
wearing a colorful tie-dyed t-shirt, a bit snug and cut off above her belly. A
rainbow-colored belt with a silver buckle holds up a pair of long blue jeans,
flared a bit at the ends. A hole is cut in the back to allow her three (yes,
*three*!) long, bushy, white-tipped foxtails to swish around freely behind her.
She wears no shoes on her black digitgrade footpaws.
  She senses you looking at her and quietly giggles to herself, glancing over
in your direction with a mischevious grin.