You cast a curious look at DeepFox, and see that he is a somewhat
anthropomorphised red fox. He appears to be in his mid-twenties. His fur is
a rich reddish brown, except for his tail tip, lower muzzle and stomach,
which are white.  He seems an amiable enough fox, always ready to laugh,
crack a joke or paint himself purple, but his warm, hazel eyes seem to hint
at an inner sadness that will never truly leave him. Sensing your gaze, he
quickly does something silly to once again draw the thin veil of secrecy
around his past. He smiles and looks at you kindly....  
He is currently wearing a rather uncomfortably smart suit. His black
trousers are neatly pressed, matching the black jacket and white shirt.
A single red rose pokes out of his top pocket. He is actually for once
wearing something on his hindpaws, namely a pair of polished black shoes,
in a vain attempt to look vaguely smart. Oh, and he's wearing a hat, too!
A  black, smart, very wedding-ish hat, with two holes cut out for his ears
to poke through. Hmm...and a tie. Erf, whatever next??? ;)
Uh oh, I think he noticed you!
Purrbarking Fira Plushie

Okay, so we're a bunch of cheaters! <g> Deep did wear that outfit that evening (most of the time amyway! ;) ) but i did not look at him then, so this description was actually logged a few days later.