You are greeted by the sight of a young anthro red fox who appears to be in her
early 20's.  Her auburn-cinnamon fur shines, and gives way to white on the
undersides of her tummy, muzzle, and tail tip, while her paws and bare
digitigrade feet are black.  Giving you a cheerful wave, you notice her
brilliant blue-green eyes filled with a plethora of emotions. A lover of warm
weather, she wears a short, sleevless, deep-necked sundress reaching to her
thighs and made of smooth polyester.  It is mostly white, with a pattern of
dark-colored flowers.  Her thick tail curves out from underneath, the dress is
short enough that she didn't have to cut an opening for it.  Her headfur
cascades in waves around her black-tipped ears past her shoulders, and is
adorned only by a single red rose near her ear.  On her right paw, you notice a
silver dolphin ring, and another special ring is on her left paw.  The only
thing left noticing is her air of modest innocence, hinting at deeper
yet another bit of wedding cake
_Very_ expensive camera!
Purrbarking Fira Plushie