A Leopard, standing on her hind feet, all of 8 foot tall looks out at the world.
Her green eyes gaze out steadily from her face, and she looks around, quietly.
Her body is completely covered in fur, a warm rich yellow patterned with black
pips all over, covering her in a subtle pattern. Her body is strong, heavily
muscled, capable and powerful. Her arms are true arms, she has hands, not paws,
though her fingers are stubby and thick, clearly showing their heritage as paws.
Her legs are thick with muscle, solid. As she stands, her legs aren't straight -
they go forward to her knees, back to backward knees (ankles), then forward to a
paw, vague toes barely distinguishable in her paws. Behind her, a long tail
comes down, almost touching the ground before curling up, the tip wavering
gently in the air.
Her clothes are simple, but not basic. Elegantly designed to show her muscled
form, not detract from it, two slim straps of a rich red translucent fabric come
from the back to cross over the breasts in a large 'X' and disappear back over
the shoulders to tie there mysteriously.  The red of the fabric is relieved by
black embroidery of odd figures and melting-together lines. Around her hips wrap
a cloth of the same embroidered fabric, a triangular fold hanging both front and
rear, only strengthening her outline. Around her forearms, and between her
ankles and paws, bands of the red fabric, unembroidered this time, the ends
tucked in. The final items, are a pair of gloves, once more the same red fabric,
fingerless and barely reaching to the base of her palm, setting off her hands