Fira's and Greycloaks' Wedding

On December 16th, 1998 on FurryMuck, Fira and Greycloak were joined in furry matrimony. I was there, logged from arrival to departure, and spent the next morning editing. And so, less than a day later, I present my report from the event, for the sake of completeness starting with the invitation that went out a few days earlier, who received it, and who managed to show up on such short notice. (Okay, last time I went to a wedding on Furry I had heard about it the day before, but that was an open invitation...)

Rather than just post the raw unedited log (which I could have done that same night...), I have split up and sorted the info a bit, so you can look at the following separately:

The Place!

The Bride!   The Groom!

The Rings!

The Ring Bearer!   The Priest!

And various guests as well!

And of course, last but definitely not least

The Log!

Enjoy! To quote a certain wellknown band, a splendid time is guaranteed fur all!
[Some descriptions have been refurmatted for readability.]
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