The following is a log from SpinDizzy and shows what you would see if you were there when Waydya arrived, spoke to you and got examined the usual ways before finally teleporting out. Blank lines have been inserted to separate different actions and events, and the recording character's orders have been emphasized with boldface.

Waydya suddenly appears in the top of a tree and jumps nimbly down to the
Waydya has arrived.

Waydya chitters, "Here we go!!"

ws Waydya

Room: Waydya's Tree Home
 I am Waydya              female      squirrel                                

look Waydya

Waydya is a 4'2" albino squirrel whose cold, red eyes seem to look
straight through you - when she is not wearing sunglasses, which she
usually is. (Albinos have sensitive eyes) Even behind dark glass her
eyes, which seem to never blink, have a kind of unemotional Terminator
effect to them than is only offset by her friendly smile. Her pointed
ears are twitching restlessly, and she keeps looking this way and that,
as if she's not quite sure what she's doing in this brave new world.
Her short, slightly plump body is covered with thick fluffy fur which
she somehow always manages to keep as clean and white as driven snow.
Her big bushy tail stands up swaying behind her like a clan banner. She
feels no need for clothing or shoes, and wears no adornments except
for a pink bow tied firmly around her tailroot, and a black velvet
armband around her upper left arm - or is it a foreleg? She is not that
much anthropomorph really, but she _is_ bipedal, at least on the
[Having no clothes, she has no pockets either, but it is not entirely
inconceivable that she may be hiding all kind of small objects in her
thick fur.]

Button: Skiaoura!
An acorn!
Another acorn!

lookat Waydya button

That's Greek for Shadowtail! (origin of the word Squirrel)

lookat Waydya An acorn!

These acorns are just like you - they're nuts!

lookat Waydya Another acorn!

These acorns are just like you - they are nuts!!

smell Waydya

You sniff discretely at the young albino squirrel and feel the gentle
fragrance of acorns, green leaves and fresh air.
Hey, she's a squirrel! She lives in a tree and eats nuts! What did YOU
think she would smell like?

feel Waydya

Waydya is soft and fluffy. Almost like a cat. *Purrrrrrrrrr*

taste Waydya

You look at the cute squirrel wondering what she tastes like. But you 
can't just take a bite out of her, can you? Naaah...

Waydya jumps into a tree, scurries up the trunk and disappears out of sight.
Waydya has left.

Waydya was created before the morph program got installed, so she is not a morpher, but probably would not have been one in any case. She does, however, have the rare ability to change her size (from 4'2" to 1'). This was achieved by some clever (?) MPI coding and is not demonstrated in this log - her description remains the same, all you see is that the size in the first line changes, and you get a short message saying that she grows or shrinks.
© 1998-9 by Ragnar Fyri. All rights reserved. Really.