This log contains some web links, so I have HTMLized it (and added some links). It opens with descriptions of two of the players because some of their details play a small part in the plot.

Waydya is a 4'2" albino squirrel whose cold, red eyes seem to look
straight through you - when she is not wearing sunglasses, which she
usually is. (Albinos have sensitive eyes) Even behind dark glass her
eyes, which seem to never blink, have a kind of unemotional Terminator
effect to them that is only offset by her friendly smile. Her pointed
ears are twitching restlessly, and she keeps looking this way and that,
as if she's not quite sure what she's doing in this brave new world.

Her short, slightly plump body is covered with thick fluffy fur which
she somehow always manages to keep as clean and white as driven snow.
Her big bushy tail stands up swaying behind her like a clan banner. She
feels no need for clothing or shoes, and wears no adornments except
for a pink bow tied firmly around her tailroot, and a black velvet
armband around her upper left arm - or is it a foreleg? She is not that
much anthropomorph really, but she _is_ bipedal, at least on the

[Having no clothes, she has no pockets either, but it is not entirely
inconceivable that she may be hiding all kind of small objects in her
thick fur.]

She sees you looking at her.
Carrying: An acorn!, Another acorn!, and "Hug" Verbs [lookat]

Spaceroo, Intrepid Intergalactic Explorer Extraordinare, is a visitor to your planet, straight from the beautiful and prosperous Planet Marsupia. A kangaroo is the terrestrial animal he most closely resembles, but he is actually quite a unique animal. He has a long muzzle, chinless jaw, large softly-lashed eyes, enormous ears, a long, thick, flexible tail, large clawed feet, and a loose, furry hide. He is colored a light reddish-brown, with a white underbelly and black spots on his finger, toe, nose, ear, and tail tips. His large braincase is covered by a shaggy white mane of hair, which then runs horse-like down his neck and back, until nearly the base of his tail. Spaceroo can walk and carry himself confortably in an upright position, but he can also drop horizontally and hop, roo-style. Spaceroo's currently wearing a big red sign around his neck, reading "Feed Me!", and nothing else. Why, he's not sure, but it seemed like a good idea to cut down on his grocery bills when it occured to him. Now, he's feeling a lil silly about the whole thing. *blush* Carrying: Big Pink Paper wrapped box with a ribbon 'round it., and thing
You leave for The Rose Garden. The Rose Garden(#304RLJ) The Rose Garden is a rather large clearing formed by the intersection of two wide avenues of grass, one running North-south, the other, east- west. The grassy clearing is bordered on all sides by a wide band of roses interspersed with large evergreens for shade. A number of benches and picnic tables are scattered around the periphery, and some brilliant soul has thought to drag in a large bulletin board, now stationed before some of the bordering flora. Obvious Exits: [E]ast, [N]orth, [S]outh, [W]est, and Sky over the Garden [Up] Contents: Steve, Maxl, Fountain, and Bulletin Board [Fake] Room: The Rose Garden -Stat-Name----------------Sex---------Species------------------------------ LostNSpaceroo male space kangaroo I am Waydya female squirrel Steve male 'toon squirrel !Maxl Male Badger ---[ Found 4 characters. ( 4 Awake ) ]------------------------------------- The time is 15:17:24 Pacific. Spaceroo aws. Random distruction and loss always makes life more interesting. ;) Spaceroo ahems. de... never mind. Waydya prefurs distraction to destruction. ;) Spaceroo waves a watch on a chain back in forth in front of Waydya, trying to distract her. =o) Waydya watches the watch. 0.0 Steve chatters, "Waydya willfully watches the watch. Weawwy." Spaceroo puts on a pair of those hypto-glasses with the spirals on the lenses, and a silly looking yet evil fake goatee. "You are under my power... you are feeling sleepy... sleepy..." Waydya feels sleepy...sleepy... Waydya has disconnected Maxl replaces Spaceroo's goatee with a big beard and a bowler. Steve tickles Waydya. "Smarty." >=) Waydya giggles. Spaceroo grins, discarding the beard, and doffing the bowler to his chest, all Laural and Hardy-like. *silent grin* You chitter, "Well that's another fine mess etc." to Spaceroo. Steve ooghs, at another fine mess Spaceroo's gotten himself into. Steve chats, "Great sciurine minds think alike. =)" You chitter, "If this wasn't a MUCK, would it be another fine MUSH...? <G>" You hug Steve! Steve hugs ya and pats ya on the back. Waydya skips around a bit. Spaceroo ah, wells, and puts in a call to housekeeping. Steve watches Waydya. "Feeling skippy...squirrel?" =) Steve chatchits, "You're calling _Good Housekeeping_, Spaceroo?" Waydya grins squirrelishisly. Spaceroo oohs, and sorty spin-waltzy-hops around too, in a highly random manner. Spaceroo nods at Steve. "That vinal furniture and green splotched carpet in the rec room finally netted us a cover shot." Spaceroo wonders if he should rearrange the lava lamps before the photographer gets here. Steve nods. "Try to rearrange them such that no one will notice the lava only gets up half-way." You chitter, "Don't they rearrange themselves all the time? ;)" Spaceroo aims all the track lighting at Steve, to feature him prominantly in the decor. Waydya starts climbing up and down a tree at random. After watching fur a while you realise why there are no such things as squirrel lamps. Steve watches Waydya go up and down and up and down..."Maybe not, but when you're up at the top I get the most...fascinating view." ;) Waydya eeps and blushes. Spaceroo pounces Steve, and *slurps* him. "Hey, you be nice to the lady. =o) *fuzzle*" Steve acks! and tumbles. Spaceroo does have to admit it's quite a cute ribbon though, Waydya. =o) Steve chits, "Hey, I find cuteness fascinating. Whaddya expect? =)" Spaceroo hops over to a garbage can, rummages through it, and finds a piece of that "POLICE LINE: DO NOT CROSS" ribbon, and ties it around his own tail to join the club. =o) Waydya wows. This place has been a crime scene? Steve nods. "We use it to block off areas where folks actually want to role-play seriously, if you can believe that." Waydya grins. Steve glances back at his ribbonless tail, and sniffles a bit. "I feel so left out..." Waydya rummages through her fur and finds a plaid ribbon which she hands to Steve. Spaceroo aws, and hops back to the garbage can, rummaging. "Hm... there's some fanfold paper peeling, and a salami skin. Which should I tie on ya? Oh, never mind. ==o) Steve chats, "Plaid?" Waydya nods. Day-glo plaid. Steve chatchits, "Hey, it matches the shirt. I guess. Thanks. =)" Spaceroo aws, and sniffles. He wants something day glow. Steve ties the ribbon on and into a neat little bow. Spaceroo *slurps* the salami skin thoughtfully. No use letting scraps go to waste... Steve ties a day-glow yellow ribbon around Spaceroo's left ear, whistling "Tie a Yellow Ribbon 'Round the Ol' Eucalyptus Tree." Waydya hasn't heard that one. Is it the Australian version? Maxl paints Spaceroo's sign an ugly lime-green day glo colour. Steve shrugs. "Wouldn't be quite as appropriate for an old *oak* tree, would it?" ;) Spaceroo hms. "I don't know. I think someone dies in the Aussie version. Par for the region. ;)" Steve ties the kangaroo down, sport. Spaceroo hms at his sign, its vital lettering obscured. Ah, well. Think of something more interesting to write on it, maybe., Waydya giggles. Spaceroo gnaws at his ropes. "Ugh, Steve. I didn't know you were into /this/. ;oP" Steve chits, "Sorry." Steve unties the tied-up 'roo. Spaceroo grins, and patpats Steve. "Oh, don't worry. I'm sure some really go for it. ;o)" Waydya notices Steve painted out part of the D on Space's sign, and starts feeling him. Steve chatterchitters, "They really tie one on, eh?" Steve chatterchitters, "Painted? Maxl did the painting. You're kind of right, but kind of not. ;)" Waydya oops. Maxl hisses, "Oh, don't worry - people confuse me and Steve all the time." Spaceroo heehees at Waydya, and rolls 'round to paw up at her playful-like. Waydya's player shrugs. It's 1 AM here, what do you expect? ;) Maxl hisses, "You to be sleeping?" Spaceroo ooohs. "Keen. A Europian. =o)" Spaceroo slurps you! Steve hms. "You're...somewhere in Scandinavia?" Waydya looks at the player. "Yeah, he's more or less asleep already... ;)" Spaceroo bets the view of the Great Red Spot must be tremendous at 1 AM. =o) Maxl hisses, "Norway, I think." Maxl sets Spaceroo atop the Monolith? Waydya nods. Spaceroo eeeks, and jumps to safety as the drums start, and the monolith crumbles, revealing a single word. ALL. *big echoing voice calls out said word* Steve chitters, "What, no giant YES's and KNOW's?" Maxl hees, and poofs Spaceroo. Waydya ohs. *That* Monolith. (There's another Monolith in Oslo...) Spaceroo poofs, indeed. Maxl oohs? Spaceroo hms? at Waydya? =o) Waydya nods. It's not like the one in 2001 though. ;) It's the center point of a big sculpture park, very tall and made up of human figures. Spaceroo ahs. Waydya's player wonders if there are any pictures on the web... Maxl oohs. Neat. Steve chitchats, "If it's naughty enough, it's as likely as not. ;)" Spaceroo stands up on one foot, tail and other leg stretched out behind him, his arms spread like he were flying, ears swept back, the whole thing. All statuesque and stuff. Maxl fuzzlies Steve. Quite. Spaceroo holds the pose for about 12 seconds, and starts teetering. *tip* Waydya looks at SpaceR. "You look like a hood ornament! ;)" Maxl hmms, and repaints the caption on Spaceroo's sign. 'Make me an art object.' Steve does a quick search. "Ah, here's a page..." Spaceroo falls on Waydya. ;) "I do not! ;P" Waydya's waiting for Kvasir (Norwegian search engine) to return something... You chitter, "Okay so you're not chromed... <G>" Steve chromes Spaceroo! Steve chats, "Now? =)" Spaceroo hmphs, and floofs up Waydya with his paws. Quite thouroughly. "I'm high art, not low commercial stuff. Well, at least not commercial. =oP" Maxl hisses, "You're high art, Spaceroo. You're not a comic strip or anything." Waydya ended up on the same page...oh well. There's a good picture of the Monolith a bit down. Steve chatchits, "Must be a good one, then. =) =) =)" Spaceroo bleahs. Sound cards have too many jacks on the back Spaceroo checks out the monolith, finally having figured out what goes where... he was absent that day in school... Waydya ahs. There's a picture of Sinnataggen too (near the bottom). Of course. That's AFAIK the only statue in the park that has a nickname. It got stolen a couple of years back but is back in place now... Spaceroo ooohs. Intwined bods. Spaceroo makes a similar monolith out of a whole mess of those little plastic 'Barrel of Monkeys' things... Maxl oohs. Neat sculpture. Steve heehees. "Kid looks pretty cranky." Waydya nods. Sinnataggen means angry little fellow or something like that. Steve ahs. Spaceroo huhs. He must know less about placental mammals then he thought. "Do humans /really/ have litters this big? Spaceroo huhs. "And do they play hackysack with them regularly, too? Spaceroo gets too feeling all lost. The things he doesn't know... You chitter, "If you look at the first picture you'll see a peculiar pattern around the fountain. That's a maze. There's actually one long passage leading from the inside to the outside. I tried walking it once, it took me oh, about half an hour..." Spaceroo nods. He's seen something like that once. Waydya's player checks the main page. No guest book. Oh well. He copies the mail link to his mailer to send our host a note later. Steve hmphs. "The photo doesn't want to load more than half-way." Steve chits, " it's about 3/4 through. All right, I think I see what you're talking about." Spaceroo pokes Steve's HTTP connection. "It's weird. Trust me." Steve chats, "Yeah, I think my local network's screwed up." You chitter, "Well I think I'll go to bed. If you want to explore my home district a bit try" Spaceroo *squeezes* Waydya. "No offense, incedentally. It is a neat park." Waydya hugs Maxl, Steve, and Spaceroo! Spaceroo aws. Steve chats, "See you, Waydya." Spaceroo nuzzles you! Steve snuggles you! You jump into a tree and scurry up the trunk out of sight. Waydya's Tree Home It's small. Of course, That explains the lock on the door. ;) Basically, it is a hole in the trunk of the tree, but a closer look reveals that its size has been carefully adjusted to be just big enough for its owner and a small guest or two, without weakening the tree. The floor is covered with soft fresh moss, and you have just started thinking what a chore it must be to replace it regularly when you realize that it's actually growing in here. Apparently, Waydya is not just anthropomorph enough to have thumbs, but both of them are green as well. Obvious Exits: in, and out Contents: Boing Ball(#3761LJ) Lego_Vixen Mekota Lego_Fox >QUIT ...but what if the right people *don't* get it?