Owlhaven Round Robin

Once upon a time on FurryMUCK there was a place for storytellers that is still there but pretty quiet these days, with some cool features that aren't any more. One of them was the Story Engine, another the Round Robin Story Board.
Fortunately I had the foresight (read: blind luck) to log my last reading of the board before it disappeared, and so I hereby present the Board Untangled (there were more than one story started on the board, and one (?) actually finished). With, of course, everyone's permission or at least tacit approval.

For starters, here's the message that opened the board and kind of tried to explain it.

1} (Toaded Player) 154 weeks ago -- The Purpose of this Board
From: Esbeemer 01:46:59 02/15/98 CST

Hello! Welcome to the Round Robin Story BB!!

This board is set up for an 'Never-Ending' story exercise,
where anyone can continue the story in a direction
that they would like....

However, as with all things, there are a few rules.

   1)As is the Owlhaven Lounge, this is PG-13
   2)No real extreme continuity changes...
        (EXAMPLE: A nuclear bomb goes off...)
   3)Esbeemer reserves the right to edit or remove
      posts that distort the story thread, or to fix
      continuity errors (names, actions, etc)
   4)Have some fun with this. Or else ;D

Thanks for visiting and participating!

           Esbeemer Da BigFoot


(For the record, the date (February 98) was before I got on the MUCK and discovered the board. Once discovered, though, I did not take long to get involved.
Okay, so my first entry was dated about two months after the birth of my first character, and I don't remember how long it took me to discover the board... But enough about me. As suggested in the message above, the original Esbeemer was toaded, but he seems to be back in a new and presumably better version and may be persuaded to start something new if he gets a lot of positive feedback on old projects. You never know...

On with the stories! There were several stories and sidetracks, some of them a bit tangled up, and I'm going to untangle them one by one.

More to follow. As they say, watch this space for further news.