The young brave has not had his portrait done yet (hint hint!); in the meantime this page is illustrated (?) with photos of some bric-a-brac available from Buylink, where I have in fact found more or less artful objects related to practically all my character species! (Check Yip's photo album for one related to him!)

[A later expedition to Buylink showed that their stock of lion objects has expanded. A bit too much to put on this page, in fact!]

The following is a log from Fuzzy Logic (the FurryFaire character is identical as far as these descriptions are concerned) and shows what you would see if you were there when Jabari arrived, spoke to you and got examined the usual ways before finally teleporting out. Blank lines have been inserted to separate different actions and events, and the recording character's orders have been emphasized with boldface.

[FL is a rather new Muck, and Jabari does not have any morphs. Yet. He actually started as a stillborn character on a Lion King Muck, but developed into an anthropomorph character.]

Jabari slowly materializes in front of you, floating weightlessly a few
feet off the ground. A split second before gravity becomes aware of his
presence, he lowers his feet gracefully and stands up. He grins, "Thought
I was gonna fall, didn't you?"
Jabari has arrived.

Jabari purrs, "That was my normal teleport, I also have a special
'park' action..."

Jabari leaves the park, heading for Lake Kurosawa to the north.
Jabari has left.

Jabari comes riding into the park on a giraffe that drops him into a pile
of leaves and runs away.
Jabari has arrived.

Jabari smiles. "Okay, where were we?"

ws Jabari

-[Status]---[Player Name]------[Sex]----[Species/Owner]---------------
            Jabari             male     lion                                  

look Jabari

You behold a traveller from faraway lands.

Jabari (whose name is swahili for 'brave') is a young male lion who
just started growing his mane not too long ago. Like so many other
furs he is bipedal and digitigrade (about 5' tall), of average build
(for a lion, that is) and sparsely attired in a long black cloak and
a fur-coloured loincloth held up by a broad black belt. Firmly
clasped in one of his forepaws (which look more like paws than hands
but can still function as the latter) is a 6' staff made of some kind
of dark wood unknown on these latitudes.
Attached to his belt, which on closer scrutiny appears to be made
from zebra skin (it has stripes), are a small purse and a dagger in a
plain scabbard.
His iridiscent yellow eyes have a look of ancient wisdom, or maybe
it's just lack of sleep...
He extends his right paw in greeting. "I am Jabari," he says.
"You must be Guest..."

smell Jabari

Even though he is far from home and has been travelling a long time,
Jabari still smells faintly like the exotic plants of his distant

Jabari disappears in a puff of light.
Jabari has left.

[A puff of light? Well, magic usually happens in flashes of light or puffs of smoke, right? Not on Fuzzy - the default teleport message is that so-and-so disappears in a flash of smoke! So this is my way of poking fun at that...]
Oh, and that last line in the description contains a bit of MPI code that automagically inserts the name of the person looking at the young lion... (Oh yes, and this was recorded during a period when the guest handler was broken so people who logged on as Guest did not get reconnected to Guest1)
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Photos © Buylink. Presumably.