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Having short legs, the little dog didn't go very far from his starting point before he found himself a home in Storm Tower. To reach the building from the Park (more precisely the West Corner), just go west twice, then south twice. You are now in the foyer. Go "up" to use the elevator, then see if you can guess which floor a small canine who doesn't care too much about heights lives on. Then see if you can find his room - his name isn't on the door, but you should be able to figure it out once you start thinking about what he is. (Of course you can always cheat and "WhereIs" him... (if you're not a guest that is!))

Huwuda (R.I.P.)

Being Dark, my second character was kind of mysterious. He not only lived in a basement, but the entrance was invisible! Of course you can't go there now (see main page, this part is included for historical value only), but anyway: First, to find Canon's house you had to start at the park (Why do all MUCKs start in a park?), then go 4 south and 2 west (42!). Then you would read the sign saying Huwuda's lair was somewhere nearby and try to figure out what the entrance to a room called Huwuda's Lair was likely to be called...
[Given up yet? The answer is... Huwuda's Lair! Either of the two words or any two or three letter abbreviation... or just H but not L (Guess why!;P)]


This young brave (which, BTW, is what his name means in swahili) started his life on FurryFaire, where he is still sleeping in the Common Room at the inn. Not really much point in going there, it's a "dark" room and you won't be able to see much. Forget about entering his territory to get my attention too; he has built a room there but it's only accessible through an object he's carrying, so you have to find him first...
On SpinDizzy the story is quite different. "Jabari 2" was recruited as a builder on the MUCK he later left for SD, so I built quite a lot there and later moved it all (?) to SpinDizzy.
The entrances to both my main projects can be found in the same place as Waydya' tree - Outside Canon's Camera Shop. It's two steps north and one step east of the central Rose Garden (Yes, I finally found a MUCK that isn't centered around a park! <g>) - you can walk there or ask some one how the bus works.
The simplest way to get into one of my areas is to step into the SFOXS Space Lounge (Look at the entrance before you enter, I put a couple of minutes into that...) This starts a miniplot that (hopefully) ends with you registering as a recruit and being allowed to enter the SFOXS Space Station. (Note: Guests can't do this, sorry...) You can now take the turbolift to the crew deck (2), look at the panel to find Jabari's room, then enter it by typing the number or the first part of his name. (If you use the name you don't even have to look up the number!)
[Talking of looking up things, it seems few builders bother to describe their exits, but I do, so look at all the doors etc. before you use them!]
The shadow of the Tree also falls on a small bus terminal. The bus (look at the Bus Stop sign) will take you to
Domain, but requires a "password" that is found elsewhere on this site - the driver will give you the exact address.
[Note: because "bus" is a global action on SD you must use "look bus stop" or "look stop" to look at the sign.]


Shortly before TF&F went down, Huwuda had started building a tree for his puppet Waydya to live in, as I didn't think his dark cave was the right place for a young squirrel like her. After she got established on SpinDizzy, Waydya the new character started reconstructing the tree, and it has now found its final rooting place (?) outside Canon's Camera Shop (2 N and 1 E from the Rose Garden. As mentioned above, you can walk there or take the global bus...)

My mystery char

Yeah, riiight..

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