Okay, so what the yiff is a "biquad"?

I first made up the word to describe Yip, so I'll just copy some stuff from his original page.
Well, a furry's stance is usually bipedal (standing up on two) or quadropedal ("crawling" around on four), but Yip is somewhere in between. (No, he does not walk on three legs!! (That would have made him tripedal!)) Being halfway between a typical "morph" and an ordinary dog means not only that he is short, does not wear clothes and yaps a lot (hence his name), but also that while he can walk on his hind legs (and use his forepaws/hands to manipulate things) he is much more comfortable on all four. (More stable too; those who see him standing up will note that he's a bit wobbly.)
Huwuda, my second character, is biquad too, but equally comfortable in either stance, mostly because his cybernetic implants make the necessary adjustments when going from "bi" to "quad" and vice versa. [And for those who haven't caught on yet, biquad is short for bipedal/quadropedal!]

Useless trivia dept.: If you look at yourself in infrared (presumably using an IR camera or something) you may notice that you look like you're on fire. This is because your body heats the air next to your skin, causing it to rise upwards (much in the way a flame does, the only real difference is that the flame is hotter). So whenever you are standing straight up your head is surrounded by air that is slightly warmer than your surroundings. This is why many people feel colder when lying down. This air stream also carries your body scent with it, which explains why quadropeds make the best trackers. To get back on topic, this is one reason why Yip feels most comfortable when he's "quad".
While we are on the subject of feet and "pedity" anyway, let me attempt to clear up a common misconception: A centaur is NOT a "hexapod/ped"! Ped means foot, so a hexapod would be someone with six feet. True, a centaur does have six limbs but two of them are arms, so it's still a quadroped.
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