"Odious amigos,
they are loathsome friends..."

Just kidding! Well, here are some furry friends of mine, from MUCKs and other places (like the real world!), neatly alphabetized. Wow. Did you know I run a library on SpinDizzy?

Yrf! Starting the show because he's first in the alphabet so far:

Heeeeeere's - Bigears! The fennec. From FurryMUCK.
Go on, click his pic for an external lick! (What am I saying?!?!?!?)

Okay, that was short, but then there isn't much text on his page either, just oodles of links - all to pictures of him and other fennecs....

Mhrrrr! Then there's Kamida! Cute kid. Kind of skunk and usually in character. Tickle her nose woth the mouse and she'll either sneeze or show you her home page.
(Oh, and the title of the picture doesn't means she's 17 - she's (perpetually) five. Rather it means the artist made 16 sketches/pictures of her before this!)
pic.pending Next in the alphabet for now is Ping! Cute, small and funny too but a mouse. Some time ago he muttered something about drawing Waydya and himself with a third character, so of course she considers him a Special Friend. :)

(Picture pending. I haven't told him about this page yet... Well I have but he hasn't reacted...)

And here's Royce too! The (as you can see) raccoon. From, uhm, several places.
(We've got a kind of running gag going. Whenever we meet, I roll him. Go figure! <g>)

[I took the liberty of blowing up his picture to match the others. So if they find me unconscious with my skin full of raccoon bites you'll know whose teeth to compare with. <EG> ]

Ach! Ein Stinktier! Finally for now there's Skunki! As his German friends would put it,
Aaaah, wie süss er ist!

A fursuiter for a change (and another skunk for no change...) but recently got slightly involved in mucking as well.
We "met" by coincidence when I happened to look at the birthday calendar at www.furry.de just before his big day, i sent him a message and the rest is geography.

Anyway, for those who didn't get the three hints (As in all good things) in the text and are still looking for links: Click on the pictures!!

Oh, and that opening quote is from a parody of "Adios amigos" I tried to write once. Never got past that first line really...

© 2000 by Ragnar Fyri. All rights reserved.
Bigears © 1988 Richard Story, art © 1998 Matthew Miller (Skippy).
Kamida picture © 1999 Richard E. Dye
Royce's picture belongs to himself, and all art is used by permisson. The photo too.