That's why the Lady is...

"I'm sure you'll find someone worth talking to. There's gotta be some women on there somewhere."
"Oh, there are plenty of women - but most of them are men too."

Sabrina Online #19
(Eric Schwartz)

Welcome to CrossMuckers Anonymous.
My name is Ragnar, and I am a crossmucker.
(Everyone chorus: Hello Ragnar!)

Just kidding. Anyone who has been on the net for a while (and even some people who just read about it) should be aware that people are not always what they seem or claim to be. Okay, so the guy who claims to be a dragon is obviously bluffing, but when it comes to gender people tend to believe each other. Have a look at this list of people I found in the park on FurryMuck one day:

Name Sex Species
male *tiny* Chihuahua (quadropedal)
Twirr Female Purple Teeny Titmouse
Kamida female young skunkette
Alecain male Fyoraien timecat
KitFox Male Vulpes Avis
TamLane male Nymph
Alice female human
Nall Male Human
Elle_Tillian female Cat morph, half Time Lord
Archer male Lupozanner
LadyHawk female Buteo jamaicensis
Loqu male Centaur (Academic)
Celestine Female White Rabbit
Sverre male Human
Allan male paper hero

The names and species (except for the humans) are obviously made up, but how about the middle column? Well, I happen to know that one of the people on the list is not what s/he claims to be, and there's probably more of them. I once "heard" someone claim that as much as 70% of the alleged females on FurryMuck have male players. They are (usually) more believable than someone who claims to be a skunk though...
[Side note: I went to the park that day specially to get that list for this page, but didn't expect to meet my friend there... Guess I got lucky, huh?]

Well I've often wondered how pretty girls start

(Abba: Thank you for the music)

Maybe you know all this and came here looking for some explanations. Okay, in Waydya's case the answer is simple. She was originally created as a cute companion for the sinister Huwuda, so it seemed kind of natural to make her a female. (Face it guys, girls are better at being cute than we are! Just try to download Waydya's description and change the pronouns to "he", "him" and "his". Just isn't the same, huh?)
Matter of fact Waydya is the opposite of Huwuda in every way! He was a dark sinister male predator, she is a white (albino in fact) cute female herbivore! [When I originally created Yip, he was meant to be "totally" different from me - I'm big and heavy, so I made him small and light. In retrospect I forgot one vital difference... If Yip had been created today he would probably have been a bitch!]
Oh, and just for the record, Waydya is not a secret "femalt". Not only can you read all about her here, but her pinfo (player information) file on the muck has a complete background story concluding with a reference to this site "where you can find out more about Waydya, her player and his other characters. Yes, I said his - you're not too disappointed are you?"

So Waydya and the other characters listed on the main page don't really have any secrets. Some of my other characters do. In fact the main page is kind of out of date - I have six characters now, and only half of them are male. So what have the squirrel's "sisters" got to say for themselves?

When I think about it, all my female characters have one thing in common in addition to their gender: They are all, more or less, based on TRaM morphs! The original Waydya was based on a neuter "drone" morph, but in the other two cases you could say that playing a girl was someone else's idea. ;)
But why do it "secretly"? Some think there is only one answer (and only one kind of crossmucker), but there are many different ones. I guess my own answer is the credibility thing - as I mentioned at the beginning, nobody's going to believe your alleged species but they may just believe your alleged gender. The best reaction I can get as Yip is "Hey man, you play a dog well" but as Ms. X I can actually make at least some people believe the illusion. (A couple of weeks back a new aquaintance of hers made a remark that probably was just a casual remark to him but a great compliment to me: "You're not bad for being a female!")
Another answer is popularity. Both I and other (male) crossmuckers I have compared notes with, have found that our "femalts" are both more popular and more exciting than out male characters. And more different from their players too... Of course it could simply be that we play them more. It could be as simple as that being bored makes you boring and being excited makes you exciting, I don't know...
(The popularity thing works both ways it seems. I once met a female crossmucker (Yes, they exist too...<g>) who claimed that she was playing an ugly male because she was tired of being hit upon. Oh well...)

It's also possible that all those people who seem to believe in me see right through me and just play along... That's the curse of the secret crossmucker: Except when someone makes a remark like the one above, you can only know for sure if someone believes in you by asking them, and then of course you have blown your cover...

Talking of covers, have I blown mine yet? A little hint for anyone trying to hunt down one of my "unlisted" characters: She's got a website of her own, and it's not on any of the other servers I've got sites at...
[After I wrote this I have added a BIG hint in the silhouette of Ms. X on the main page. That's a filled in version of a picture on her own site. And as it says when you point to it, she's not a dinosaur! <G>]
And one more thing: All my characters have taken the same vow: To never lie about their player. So if you meet a character who makes a point of never referring to her player by pronoun, just ask her if I'm her player and she'll tell you the truth... Assuming there isn't someone else out there who gets a kick out of pretending to be me of course. Well, at least any character who denies being mine really isn't... ;)

[Final (?) note: Apparently not many people are interested in discussing the crossmucking pehenomenon, but I once took it up on a small mailing list and got some response. The archives are found on my EUNet site, and the thread starts at 585 - fur now anyway.]


Crossmucker is a word I made up for describing a player whose character is the opposite gender of him/herself. It is kind of derived (tongue in cheek) from crossdresser, which is an American term for a transvestite. Another term I made up is crossmorpher, which describes a character who uses morphing to change his/her gender temporarily. (This is not meant to imply that all crossmuckers and crossmorphers are "digital transvestites" with all that may imply. Some of us are Mostly Harmless. <EG>)
Oh, and "femalt" is a contraction of female alt (alternate character or something).

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Oh, yeah.... Sabrina dialog © Eric Schwartz