A way around the quota regulations

Even if whoever handles the building quotas at your local MUCK isn't particularly generous, you can still build a Rainbow Maze!
The first part is simple: You reset the maze by manipulating the exits. so you don't really have to own all the rooms. All you need is a handful of partners who think this maze thing is a pretty nifty idea, and all they have to do is take over some of the rooms after you have built them (and the exits). This has the added advantage that the creative burden of describing the rooms falls on the new owners! ;)
The exits... Well, most quota MUCKs have larger action quotas than room and object quotas (there is no doubt about what you're supposed to make most of!) so this is less of a problem. On FurryMUCK the quota is 100 actions, so two characters should be enough to handle them.
Which two characters? Personally I would recommend getting an alt - saves you the trouble of waiting for your partner to get online and transferring the command file to him/her.

Of course you must find a way to transfer the registration data (all the exits are addressed by regname, remember?) to the other character, and then there are three ways of doing the actual work:

  1. If you and your partner don't mind getting spammed with error messages, simply let both characters execute the whole file.
  2. Split the file (at $gg-w to be fair) and let each character execute one half. Of course this requires some extra setup work the first time to make sure the characters have the right exits...
  3. The most elegant (?) solution:
Most players know it's possible to make an object a "zombie" that can be controlled by player, but few realize that a player can be set up as a zombie too! And it looks like i have finally found a practical use for that trick... ;)
How to make a zombie is described in many places, so I won't go into detail here. There is probably even a help file on your MUCK, so check there! Skip the parts about making an object and setting its Z bit, and remember that the "slave" must set its own X bit and @flock while the "master" creates the controlling action.
Once everything is set up make sure the "slave" owns and has registered the last half of the exit list, then after generating a new reset file just load it into an editor, find the first exit the "slave" owns and insert the name of the control action on every following line. Then send the file to the "master" and you will have set up the maze with the added advantage of avoiding half the spam! ;)
(Just make sure, if you use someone else's character as a "slave", that the other player isn't online!)

This may be seen as stretching the rules a bit though, and it's probably better to just get a bigger quota...

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