Care and Feeding Manual

So you've got a maze. Or, as the punsters would have it, you've been a-maze-d.
Ouch! Stop that!
Okay, jokes aside, you want to make it a proper maze that is a bit more tricky to get through. The simplest way is to use one of my prefabricated maze setups. Just pick a file to download and send it to your maze builder (meaning the character). You should get a lot of locked, unlocked, set and reset messages back. Your maze has now been set up. Once someone has solved it or you just want to change it for some other reason, pick another file and repeat.

New: I have uploaded all the maze files I've generated so far, so you'll have a bit more than twenty to choose from (Also so I won't have to bring a file on a floppy to the library every time I want to change the maze from there). There's no index and no gifs (I've got those at home though), just a directory full of files.

Of course there is more to it than that. If you have an Amiga you can just download my software and use it to generate totally new mazes of your own. If you have an inferior computer ;) and know a bit about programming it, you can either convert my programs or write your own from scratch. If you're really good with MUF you may even write a special program that modifes the maze online and saves you the trouble of uploading anything at all! <G> [If you do that I want a copy!]

Later note: After another HD crash, all the Rainbow Maze specific software has been lost. I may get around to reconstructing it if anyone asks for it, but so far the feedback on this subsite has been zero. The generic maze programs can be found on Aminet in the file Mazer.lha

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