Developed by Ragnar, Jabari and Waydya (wow!)

Okay, here are some descriptions and stuff that you are not supposed to use. That's right, these descriptions were made specially for my maze, and the purpose in showing them here is just to give you some ideas of your own. You may get permission to use one of these if you offer one of your own in return! (and I use it!!)

Oh, and before you read on: This page contains all the descriptions from Waydya's maze, so if you read it all there won't be any surprises left for when you actually explore the maze! ;)

Starting with the smallest surprise of all, when you first enter the maze you see

The Red Square(#4029RL)

Welcome to the Rainbow Maze. Your goal is simply to reach the Violet
Square at the other end of the rainbow . Maybe there's a pot of
gold there, maybe not. Time will show...

The idea here is that the maze will be generated (by closing doors)
by a special program, and regenerated at more or less regular
intervals. So unless you come back twice a week you will be facing a
different maze every time...

(BTW, the squares in the maze are named after the colours of the
rainbow. The Russian reference in the starting square is
unintentional. ;))

(Yes, the number is visible, I left the room linkable in case someone gets tired of looking for Rainbow Crystals (the "official" way of entering the maze) and wants to make their own entrance...)

Working through the maze systematically, we find the second newest description four rooms east.

The Intersection of Red and Blue

Being Norwegian, it's a bit strange that Waydya's player didn't think of
this description sooner. This room puts kind of a 'Made in Norway' stamp
on the maze.
It is red and blue, of course, with the blue in the middle rimmed by
white. Looking closer, you find that the blue is a long, narrow fjord
and the red is made up of snow-clad mountains illuminated by a dazzling
sunset. From where you are standing, it's a bit difficult to figure out
the exact nature of the white. (In other words, I ran out of ideas. Give
me a break, will you? I've still got 39 rooms left to describe!)

[Actually the Norwegian flag is a blue *cross* rimmed by white on a red
background. You can find a tiny version of it on my site at and probably
various bigger versions in several other places.]

Actually there's no clickable link in the room description on the muck, but that doesn't mean I can't have one on this web page! I can even include a picture link to save you the trouble of clicking the link:

The next room in the next row is pretty weird.

The Orange Square

The first thing you notice when you step into this room is the fresh
fruity aroma and the strange sheen of the walls. Closer examination
shows that the walls are glistening with moisture. A tentative lick
confirms your suspicions: This room isn't just orange in colour, it's
made of... orange! Maybe you could try to 'eat wall'?

Yes, maybe... This is the first room that has an action in it!

You take a big bite out of the nearest wall and start chewing, fresh
sweet juice trickling down your jowls. Yep, that's orange alright,
and pretty refreshing too! As you swallow and start going for another
bite, you realize that the area you took a bite out of has grown
back. No hope of making a short cut that way, it seems...

While you're reading this response to your weird action, others see this:
(your name) takes a big bite out of the wall!

And just in case someone should be crazy enough to try to eat the floor, there is a response for that too:

What? You don't know where it's been, I mean who stepped on it! If you're
THAT hungry why don't you try the walls instead?

The third person response here is
(your name) eyes the floor hungrily. Yecch!

Further east is another strange one:

The Intersection of Orange and Violet

The floor of this room is covered in piles of strange organic objects
that on closer scrutiny turn out to be a cross between flowers and
fruits. The genetic engineers have been at it again... The result of
their works smells nice but you wouldn't want to try to eat it!
[Hint: Try the Orange Square instead if you're hungry!]

Oh well... Back on the diagonal we find this next:

The Yellow Square

                   *                           *                 
                   *  Y E L L O   T H E R E !  *                 
                   *                           *                 

Oh well...they can't all be gems. ;) The next row starts with a rather special one:

The Intersection of Green and Red

The room is green and red, with a white stripe down the middle.
It is, in fact, an Italian flag! This room is dedicated to Gabriele
Greco, who programmed the client program AmiMUD. Without which I would
have had to use (ugh) telnet to get here. Which, of course, would have
meant no batch file processing and most likely no Rainbow Maze!


Back on the diagonal, the center of the maze isn't such a bad place:

The Green Square

You are now at the exact center of the maze, which does not
necessarily mean that you are halfway to the exit! You find to your
surprise that this square is not only much larger than the others,
but filled with grass and bushes, even a few trees, so it's almost
like a little park in here. A perfect place to lie down and rest a
bit, and maybe refresh yourself with a [drink] from the little brook
that crosses through the exact center of the square, before you
continue your search for the exit.

This place even has a special smell: The place smells of green growing things. And what's more, as the [bracket] is meant to suggest, there is an action installed here as well!

Feeling thirsty, you crouch down by the little brook and reach down
with a cupped hand. On a sudden impulse you drop to all fours, lower
your head and start lapping the way your ancestors did. Funny, it
feels much more refreshing this way...
You get back on your feet and wipe your mouth, feeling ready to take
on the world - or at least the second half of this @#%**#@# maze!

This is what you see when you drink in that room. Others see this:
(your name) crouches down by the brook, then suddenly drops to all fours and starts lapping the water. Weird.
It even has a smell and a description but they're rather trivial...

What may be a bit less trivial is that the maze now has a global smell (in all the rooms that don't have special smells) too, but I won't tell you here. Get on the muck and have a sniff at it! ;)

Okay, where was I? Back to two-colour rooms:

The Intersection of Blue and Yellow

Blue and yellow, like a Swedish flag... Wait! It IS a Swedish flag.
Det var nu som tusan...

        Hej alla barn! Jeg heter Rulle. Jag kan pissa i kors!

Nope, I won't try to translate that!

That one was weird anyway, this one is more poetic?

The Intersection of Blue and Green

Do you recall standing on a hilltop above some vast jungle, forest or
other green terrain on a clear day and looking towards the horizon
where the land and sky seemed to meet? Do you remember thinking that
it was as inaccessible and unreal as the end of the rainbow?
Well, you were wrong. There really is such a place, and you just found
it! In a strange magical way the place where you are standing seems to
be far from everywhere else, including the very place where you are
standing! And you thought Schroedinger's cat had a rough time...
Quick, better move on before your brain starts short circuiting from
trying to grasp the concept!

A bit to the east is the latest addition so far:

The Blue Square

One step forward and the ground disappears under your feet. Suddenly you
are floating around in the wild blue yonder... or hither, or whatever
it's called when you ARE there.
As you float aimlessly around you are overcome by a strong feeling of
sadness, and you realize that the room is "blue" in more than one sense.

And that should conclude our tour for now, except for this last one (which means you have won the game when you see it "for real"!)

The Violet Square

You have found the exit! Well, the opposite corner of the square
anyway. Time to claim your prize (unless someone beat you to it) and
go home. Just remember to take a good look at it first...
The floor of this square is covered with flowers. There is no prize
for guessing what kind they are, but their reflections on the wall
and ceiling are what gives the room its colour...

A Bastdan(#5897C)

(The number of the Bastdan will vary, this was the one Vermithin won...)

That's it. Fur now anyway. Eleven rooms out of 49...still lots of work to do...

Rainbow Maze © 1999-2K2 Ragnar Fyri. All rights reserved.
(That includes software, graphics and web page.)