Hall of Fame

The following curs, I mean furs, were the first ten to solve the maze and win the "first" prize.

  1. Crissa centaur - Unavailable for comment. Actually I didn't even know she had solved the maze until I happened to discover that the Bastdan had changed. (She forgot to relink it, so it returned to the maze. I finally had to recycle the Violet Square (which the object was linked to) and build a new one. Bah. Now I've started linking the prizes to a different room instead... (I also discovered that all I really had to do was @unlink the object. Oh well...))

  2. Kamida skunk - who, according to her own testimony, succeeded after hours of searching, fighting hideous monsters and worst of all, going over an hour without chocolate! Or something like that, I didn't take notes... ;)

  3. B.J. cacomistle - He's a wizard on SD, and that's a good thing because it looks like I forgot to set the prize chownable... Oh well.

  4. Vermithin Iguana/Komodo Dragon mix - We sure have some original species on Spindizzy! I haven't checked the maze fur a while so don't know exactly when this prize was claimed...

  5. Natasha toon coati - the first to get a "lesser" version of the prize. The first four specified that they were the first, second etc. - starting with this one they just say the winner is one of the ten first. Saves me the trouble of editing the description every time I make a new one, see? ;)

  6. Terry ferret - the second to etc. It's time to start cutting down on my comments I guess...

  7. Austin coati - Our host finally got around to checking out what his guests are up to! Not just that but he even found the "exit" (which isn't really an exit because there is no door leading out of there. As I explained to him, this is because the Maze is a magic place that can be entered from several places (well two or three at least). You can still teleport home though...) [So much for cutting down on comments...]

  8. Ydwyr the humanoid lizard - who even gets a special mention for donating some poems to the SD Library, which is a completely different project so I won't go into that here. Oops!

  9. Vassily the 2 toed sloth - another less common species. So far the only "commoners" have been a ferret and a skunk. Guess that should give an idea about what an unusual place SpinDizzy is.

  10. Reiter Centaur - Like the first of ten, the last of ten is also a centaur. Does that mean anything? Probably not.

This concludes the list of those who got a Bastdan (Big And Shiny Thing that Does Absolutely Nothing) for solving the maze. That does not mean I have stopped pawing out prizes, only that I have changed the prize! What it is now? Solve the (current) maze (before anyone else) and find out!

The following have solved the maze after the first ten and won the "second" prize.

Cobalt Cubbi Fluffy Wakerudder Rown
Austin Arkitah Malkernen Kilroy Nimble
Butterfluff Ydwyr Clarisa Veminos Terra
Alfie Logan Firewind Beltrami Lilahfae

Yep, less info after the first ten! ;) (Okay, a little info: Rown is the third centaur who solved the maze. You'd think big four-leggers like centaurs would have difficulties getting around corners, but there you are...)
(And Austin is the first to claim both prizes. So if he invites you home to look at his trophy room he means it literally, he's not trying to pick you up. ;) )

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