The Intersection of Red and Green

You are walking through a green field under a surprisingly red sky (and
it's not a sunset or a sunrise either) when you notice someone far away
painting the horizon gold. As you approach you find that it's the Karma
Chameleon. Red, gold and green. Figures...

Players: Karma_Chameleon

Yes there is someone else in the room! Actually it's just a (mostly) passive object that I set up as a zombie to make it show up on the WS listing. This has two side effects: It shows as a player when you look at the room, and it works as a 'camera' so Waydya can see everything you say and do in that room. Don't expect it to answer though, it's not set up as an active puppet.
It does have a description though:
The little reptile looks at you with desert loving in its eyes all the
way. As its sleek skin flickers through a  rainbow even more colourful
than the one surrounding you both (this is the Rainbow Maze, remember?)
you realize that its natural colours seem to be red, gold and green just
like in the song. Guess that makes loving easy...

Carrying: Culture Club, and Golden Paint Brush

A couple of quotes from the song mixed in there, and if you try loving it ('love' is a global on SpinDizzy) there will be a special response...
(The objects it's carrying are fake ones. Use 'look karma's ***' to look at them.)
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