The Intersection of Red and Blue

Being Norwegian, it's a bit strange that Waydya's player didn't think of
this description sooner. This room puts kind of a 'Made in Norway' stamp
on the maze.
It is red and blue, of course, with the blue in the middle rimmed by
white. Looking closer, you find that the blue is a long, narrow fjord
and the red is made up of snow-clad mountains illuminated by a dazzling
sunset. From where you are standing, it's a bit difficult to figure out
the exact nature of the white. (In other words, I ran out of ideas. Give
me a break, will you? I've still got 39 rooms left to describe!)

[Actually the Norwegian flag is a blue *cross* rimmed by white on a red
background. You can find a tiny version of it on my site at and probably
various bigger versions in several other places.]

Actually there's no clickable link in the room description on the muck, but that doesn't mean I can't have one on this web page! I can even include a picture link to save you the trouble of clicking the link:

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