The Orange Square

The first thing you notice when you step into this room is the fresh
fruity aroma and the strange sheen of the walls. Closer examination
shows that the walls are glistening with moisture. A tentative lick
confirms your suspicions: This room isn't just orange in colour, it's
made of... orange! Maybe you could try to 'eat wall'?

Yes, maybe... This is the first room that has an action in it!

You take a big bite out of the nearest wall and start chewing, fresh
sweet juice trickling down your jowls. Yep, that's orange alright,
and pretty refreshing too! As you swallow and start going for another
bite, you realize that the area you took a bite out of has grown
back. No hope of making a short cut that way, it seems...

While you're reading this response to your weird action, others see this:
(your name) takes a big bite out of the wall!

And just in case someone should be crazy enough to try to eat the floor, there is a response for that too:

What? You don't know where it's been, I mean who stepped on it! If you're
THAT hungry why don't you try the walls instead?

The third person response here is
(your name) eyes the floor hungrily. Yecch!

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