The Green Square

You are now at the exact center of the maze, which does not
necessarily mean that you are halfway to the exit! You find to your
surprise that this square is not only much larger than the others,
but filled with grass and bushes, even a few trees, so it's almost
like a little park in here. A perfect place to lie down and rest a
bit, and maybe refresh yourself with a [drink] from the little brook
that crosses through the exact center of the square, before you
continue your search for the exit.

This place even has a special smell: The place smells of green growing things. And what's more, as the [bracket] is meant to suggest, there is an action installed here as well!

Feeling thirsty, you crouch down by the little brook and reach down
with a cupped hand. On a sudden impulse you drop to all fours, lower
your head and start lapping the way your ancestors did. Funny, it
feels much more refreshing this way...
You get back on your feet and wipe your mouth, feeling ready to take
on the world - or at least the second half of this @#%**#@# maze!

This is what you see when you drink in that room. Others see this:
(your name) crouches down by the brook, then suddenly drops to all fours and starts lapping the water. Weird.
It even has a smell and a description but they're rather trivial...

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