Kevin's badges

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Okay, ready fur the last group? These come from Steven's old site too but according to Kevin they are all badges (hence the file names and silly header ;) ) commisioned by him (Kevin) from Jim Groat.
Which means at least one of our little trio has/had money to burn...

My first guess about this was that it had something to do with some event near the end of the year. Hmmmm, wonder what put that idea into my head? [It may be clearer when you see the full picture; I removed the caption when cropping the thumbnail!] Don't know really, call it instinct or something... ;) Anyway, Kevin says he wore it at his old retail job during Christmas to "capture the feeling of the season from the other side of the register"

Don't know about you, but if I met a shopping clerk like that I would feel rather Christmassy too. After I stopped pinching my arm, that is... ;)

Oh, and he also said something about "Christ" being emphasized in the caption because he hates the short form "X-mas". Good dog...

Newsflash February 1999
After almost a year on Furry, Kevin got his second character on SpinDizzy. After a look at the badges on this page his first choice was to play the wolf below, but when they told him that was pretty unoriginal I suggested making his new character this reindeer and call it Rudolph. Then coincidence struck. He misspelled the species during setup, and when I came up with an idea for a description of a "rain deer" (I even made him an umbrella!) he started working on that and ended up as a weather elemental! (His full name is Rudolph Rastifer btw, the latter being the Latin genus name.)
This was Kevin's first badge. A Clydesdale (?) "because they are big around here and I love horses" he says. Watch out fur his new character, New_Horse_Around... Not.

Duh. I kind of liked my original text fur this better. Oh well...

The newest item in Kevin's collection, he says he wore this as a name badge at work fur a couple of months until his boss made him take it off. Nothing special about the species it seems, just a gray wolf.

So there you are, three new versions of one of Yip's amigos, and neither of them is a dog or a rabbit. Duh.

That's all. Fur now anyway. Hmm, remember what I said about starting at the far end of the alphabet? Well these last files all start with a B, so even though I made some detours on the way I did end up at the near end! Ha!!

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