Some other chihuahua pictures


One day some people on some other MUCK sat around shooting the breeze and browsing the web when one of us came across the Buylink site. A bit of searching soon revealed different pieces of merchandise related to the various species of most of our characters. Searching on 'chihuahua' led me to this cute little cactus planter.

I later went back and found that the planter is no longer available but there are four other chihuahua items in stock now (February 2000)!

Later, or maybe earlier, someone directed me to the Taco Bell site containing various shots of tacos (not shown here) and chihuahuas. This one's pretty cute too.
This one is kind of more annoying - I kept hearing this phrase during Yip's first days, and someone finally told me it's a line (spoken by the chihuahua!) from a TB commercial. I soon got tired of hearing it, and that's when I created Yip's button!

(Later when I learned about nicknames I even set Yip's to "The Taco Bell Hater"...)

The final (?) picture of Yip's (in)famous cousin comes from a different source (Wow!). As you can tell from the creases and the traces of heavy lettering at the top, this one was scanned from a magazine. Actually it was cropped (and shrunk to fit on this page) from a fullpage scan someone sent me once because he thought the article might interest me as a chihuahua player...

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