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This was written (and the pictures drawn) before NDA/EC changed his name but I've updated the text anyway. ;). [I haven't bothered renaming the files though.]
[Last winter (January 99) Kevin sent me a note with some comments that I have tried to integrate with my own.]

Eddie_Canis is described as a "happy go luckly dog" and he certainly looks happy here. Must be after he started making friends...
[According to Kevin he's relaxing and yakking in the Owlhaven Literary Lounge. Or is that barking up a storm?]
Can't think of much to say about this or the next picture... so I just group (?) them together to save a little space.
[Kevin just says he needs the practice... (What is he, a vet?)]
All of a sudden Eddie noticed the artist drawing him and moved in fur a closeup (and removed his jacket). Kinda cute, isn't he? ;)
And while the medics do what they can to revive the bitches who swooned at the sight of Eddie's pectorals, it's time for a bit more detailed anatomy.
[Master Kevin says he's musing about "how a paw can still be a paw and still be able to pick up stuff, digitigrade, trying to draw to explain it."]

Next up, Kevin's visions of a certain fox.

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