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So much for Furry and Kevin's visions. When Steven expanded his Muck activities to Toon Furr & Fluff he kept the character but changed his name - first to Steven after his player, then when he found there was already a Steve on the Muck he changed it to Canon to avoid confusion. After he discovered about "alts" he started another character named after a camera, and a third character who was a virtual copy of his player, called.... Steven! Go figure... (Only the first two survived the destruction of TF&F and the move to SpinDizzy, but then he got yet another character there...)

Anyway, Canon can be said to have been a bit more lucky with his artful (?) friends than the characters on the previous pages. ;P This one is a sketch I haven't seen the finished version of and probably never will after the artist sees how I treat his work. <G>

Anyway this picture (the full size version) seems to be in a slightly tricky JPEG furmat that causes trouble with at least one viewing program. Let me know if it causes trouble with yours, okay?

And here's another artist's view of Canon the photo phox, of was it foto fox? Anyway, just thought I'd mention that this and the other full figure pics of the phox can be seen as an exercise in jumping to conclusions. I still remember how Yip (who as you may have noticed wears no clothes at all) explained to him that while humans have three reasons to wear clothing - protection, decency and to make a statement - a furry animal can ignore the first two as long as the fur is thick enough. Which leaves the statement bit, which in Steven and Canon's case is covered by the cap (which he apparently furgot to bring for this particular session) and shirt. He actually listened to me and deleted the part about the pants from his original description, so the truth is that until the day when he completely changed his character (except fur the species), my vulpine friend didn't wear pants of any length at all. The shorts shown on this page exist only in the artist's mind...
What this has to do with jumping to conclusions? Just that when you read a description of someone you assume he's normally dressed even if it does not mention clothes, right? So artists tend to assume a fox is wearing shorts unless it's specifically mentioned that he doesn't....
(Funny, noone pictured hin in longs yet...)
(You know, if Yip's desc hadn't specifically said that he wears nothing but a collar and enough fur to stay decent, I bet Kevin would have put him in a poncho or something!)
This is where things are getting a bit complicated. As mentioned in the intro, Steven got two alts on TF&F. Several months later and on a different muck (SpinDizzy that was kind of built on the ruins of TF&F), Bob (One of the wizards there and a pretty good artist too...) got the pretty original idea to start drawing double portraits of characters and their players. He chose my friend to test this new idea on, and because Steven had two characters there he generously included all three of them in one picture. Here is the result.

(Bob's drawing is the only player/character portrait I have seen using his idea btw. Don't know if he gave up the idea or just forgot about it. Or maybe he kept drawing p/c portraits that I just haven't seen...) (I remember toying with the idea of getting someone to draw a picture of me with all my characters and their puppets. That would be a total of thirteen people (I use the term loosely) including me and still excluding my "secret" alts and their puppets... (two of each for a total of seventeen!))

And yes, Nikon is only six inches tall. Seems nobody's really sure how that happened, but Steven seemed to like the idea and kept that characteristic even when cloning Nikon to other mucks... [Not quite sure how many Nikons he's playing in different places now, but it's obvious who his most popular character is...]

Finally, some other visions of Kevin as some other characters...

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