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Okay, Yip is my character and this is my website, so I have taken the liberty of starting at the far end of the alphabet.
This is Kevin's interpretation of Yip's original description, which does say that the little dog has a whistle attached to his collar, but I had kind of visualized it as a bit more accessible than what is shown here... :P

You may ask why a whistle? (Go ahead, ask already!) Simple. I had noticed pretty early on that when you use the taxi service on Furry, the message says you whistle for a taxi. There may be other places you have to whistle for service as well, but I forgot.
Anyway, Yip is supposed to be less anthro than the average fur, and dogs in general can't whistle, so I decided he needed something to produce a similar sound with... ;)

No link here! According to Yip's description he wears "a gem-studded collar with a small whistle attached", and as mentioned above the way I picture it does not quite agree with the way others see it, so I made this little sketch. The reason the collar is thicker at the top is that's where the invisible clasp is. (Well it was easier than actually drawing one! <g>)

Well that's how I picture the collar. Now how do you picture Yip wearing it? (hint hint)

(Oh and that picture's not a link, so don't bother clicking on it.)

You should have seen a slightly different version of this twice already. Young Yip seems to be playing obedience course with himself (The caption says "Sit Yip"), or maybe this was one of the times when the big mutt asked him to pose...

(Yes, I call him a mutt. It is not meant as an insult. Some of my best friends are mutts! In fact Yip's "conceptual mother" is a mutt...)

Yip in one of his favourite places at the time, Under The Couch at the Owlhaven Literary Lounge. I think. Personally I had pictured that particular couch as a bit bigger than that, but...

Then again, look at those eyes. Maybe it's at Fenris and he just had a tequila and a couple of hugs too much?

Finally a variant of the first picture, with Yip wearing a plain collar rather than his usual with the gemstones.
I know what you're going to say - that Kevin forgot to draw the gems. But I'm not going to say things like that about someone who is that much bigger than me! (Let's face it, when you're a young chihuahua almost everyone is bigger than you!)
Talking of size, just how much bigger is Eddie than Yip? Good question, unfurtunately noone has drawn the two of them together yet.

NEW: Last winter (February 99) Kevin did make a drawing of Yip and New (who still had his old name then) together, but noone has scanned it yet (He sent me a photocopy though) so it isn't here or anywhere else. To give you an idea, the caption is "Yip makes the mistake of putting a leash on New_Dog_Around"...enough said! ;)

Anyway, next up is Kevin's visions of his own character.

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