Foxy (!) pictures

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Kevin also drew some pictures of our other friend the fox, who also was the first "host" fur these files, so I guess it's his turn next..
This part starts with a closeup. You can tell it's early in the young vulpine's career by the logo on his cap. No, his RL self is still (and will probably always be) a Padres supporter, but at a later time I suggested that the team's furry equivalent probably spell their name with an extra W, as seen in some later pictures (?).

(Actually he may have changed his sport allegiance; he recently moved (RL) from San Diego to somewhere in the Midwest. AFAIK there are two kinds of sports fans, those who support a local team wherever they live and those who keep one favourite no matter where they are. Don't know which kind Steven (the player) is...)

The fox and his RL alter ego are also into computers, and apparently not just using them to access the net... Don't know if he ever got that little box working again though.

(This picture has been modified btw. The sign used to have the character's name on it...)

Besides baseball and computing, Steven's third hobby is... Well, can you guess? Can you??
Must be some kind of weird lens on that camera, it even distorts the lettering on the shirt behind it!

Okay, so there is another possible explanation, but remember what I said about relative sizes?

So much for Furry and Kevin's visions. When Steven expanded his Muck activities life got a bit more complicated....
(Curiously enough, this page dealing with the character who's changed the most is the one that has changed the least since the beginning...)

Other visions of other foxes (and a raccoon).

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