The Three Mucketeers

by Alexandre Dogmas (not!)

Sit Yip! When I first joined FurryMuck in April -98 I didn't know many people there. Now I do, but in the beginning there was just a little group, a trio in fact, that was kind of like "The Three Mucketeers". But time passes, characters change and get involved with others - two of the trio even changed their (VR) names - and things are no longer what they seemed to be back then.
So this is kind of a memorial to what was once, grown out of a frame for some pictures one of us drew on himself and the others.

Kevin has his own site now, and you can find these pictures and various others there as well, without my comments. ;) His character was once known as New_Dog_Around, later shortened to NDA, but has now found what will probably be his final name, Eddie_Canis.

Steven, the last member of our little group (well, the second really if you count chronologically), was the one who originally scanned Kevin's art and made it available on his old site, which is where I found it and decided to make something more out of the files. He had also included some art by others, so I included those files here too.
Steven's FM character is the one who has changed the most since the beginning. In fact all that's left of the original character is the species, if you know what I mean. (*wink*) His character has been kind of burning bridges of late, so I'll just refer to the old version of his character by his fairly common RL name. He never used that name on FM though.
(On an earlier version of his front page Kevin went (IMHO) a bit to far to protect Steven's identity by claiming that he had left the muck! Not true, he is still around - we just don't see much of him when a certain other player is around... *ahem*)
(For the records: Some of my characters may go to quite some length to protect their secrets, but they never lie about their player (me)!)

The pictures on these pages are "thumbnails" (or maybe dewclaws would be a more appropriate term considering the subject...), and you can get the full size pictures by clicking on any of the small ones.

(I had some problems with making the picture conversion program shrink all the pics to the same width, so I have cropped some of them to adjust. You still get the full sized picture when you click on the small one though,... And you can find the original thumbnails (and fullsizes) on Kevin's site...)

But now without further ado (whatever that means): The index! I had originally put everything on one page, but it got a bit long so I split it up a bit...

And here are some other chihuahua pictures too!

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