In MUCK shorthand (or should that be shortpaw?), Yip is described as
   For the uninitiated, that means he is:

      y - young
      c - cute
      + - huggable
     &g - good
      i - itsy bitsy
     &i - innocent
      C - canine
     &h - mostly harmless (Yes, again!)

There used to be an N for Newbie in there, but I deleted that after a couple of months!
(Actually, I put the HHGTTG classification in his description before I found out that it is also an "official" classification in the game. Don't know if it or any of the other characteristics have any effect, though. - it seems to be mostly for the purpose of giving other players an idea about how to act and react. (And most of them don't anyway... <w>)