One of the first Amiga demos was called Boing! and featured a big red and white ball bouncing around the screen. The image became popular, and through the years it (or, most if the time, different reconstructions of it) has been used in many different contexts. Logos, pictures, animations - you name it! And recently the circle was completed when an anonymous user uploaded the original demo on Aminet.
The animation above was adapted from an image said to be "ripped" from the original demo.

So... what has this got to do with MUCKs? Only that when one of my MUCK friends turned out to be an Amiga user too, we started exchanging little in-jokes, like pose-playing with Boing Balls. Then one day I went and actually made a Boing Ball object! To make it a bit less pointless I put a couple of messages on it that get displayed when the object is dropped, picked up and thrown. And you know what? By playing with this object I have discovered another Amiga user! Looks like I've started something... Set the ball rolling, as it were. ;)

How to get a Boing Ball to play with: If you are on FurryMuck or SpinDizzy (see main page), you are lucky - there is already a Boing Ball object on both these MUCKs, and it's set Linkable, so all you have to do is create an action and link it to the object's db number, and then you can use the action to summon the object any time you want it! To spell it out, on Furry you should do this:

@act bb=me
@link bb=#33642

On Spin (?) the object has a different number, so do it this way:

@act bb=me
@link bb=#3761

[Actually the action can be called anything you want, bb is just an example.]

Okay, but what if you are on a different MUCK? In that case you have to make your own Boing Ball. To make it easier and make sure the object looks the same everywhere I have made a little batch file that you can just download and send to the MUCK to create your very own Boing Ball!
Just remember to tell me about it so I can put the information on this page. The object is set Linkable so everyone who wants to play with it can just make an action to summon it as above, so there really isn't much point in having more than one...
(Note: Some primitive MUCKs have a throw command that doesn't support messages. If that is the case tell some wiz what they're missing and to *AHEM* get on the ball. (Sorry, I just had to say that!))

Boing Ball, Boing Ball, bouncing all around
Bouncing off the walls and floor it makes a booming sound
Boing Ball, Boing Ball, throw it to a friend
He will get surprised and throw it back to you again!