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to the tune of "Golden Slumbers" etc.

Once I loved a girl
so tenderly
I was true to her
and she to me
I asked her: "Will you with me go?"
I got a shock when she said "No"

"I can't go with you," she said
"There's a secret in my head (?)
And it's one I can never share with you
And yet - it's right before I do!"

I begged her on my knees
to make it known
Promised I would ne-
ver let her down
So she went out - into the night
out where the moon was shining bright

Then -
she changed herself to a bear
terribly near
to me
And -
she said: "Oh darling, don't fear
I'm not the bear
you see."

She said: "This bear will not harm you
I'm only polymorphed physically
Now if you let me out in the alley
I'll leave you
(till - to - morrow morning)

she said, "are born to be free
(from sorrow)
That's why I flee
from you
the rising sun starts to burn
I shall return
to you

Where may
you and I rejoin again

She's a
(repeat n times)

Then in the day
the beast I see
is equal to the beast
who's me

Brief note about one of the words: Polymorph (which is Greek for "many forms" or something) is used (as a verb) in fantasy contexts to describe a purely physical transformation as opposed to shapechanging which affects both body and mind. It does not mean that this particular werebear has or assumes many forms, unless you think two is many.
BTW, the
next section (Bears, she said...) appears to have one of the most intricate rhyme patterns I have ever written, rivaled only by the opening of "The Hound of the Baskervilles"...

Flere sanger * Forsiden